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Video 15: Make Your Traffic Snowball! Long Tail Insurance Searches and Internal Link Buidling

February 18th, 2011Posted by akassover in Insurance Agent Websites, SEO, Videos


Hi, it’s Aaron Kassover from AgentMethods.  I’m back at the flip chart today talking about insurance websites.  I want to talk today a bit today about a strategy for using internal linking and building links within your site to go after long tail phrases and also to attack new branches in the keyword pyramid.  Let’s just pretend that this is our site map, and let’s say that this site, we’ve done a lot of work optimizing for the phrase Texas Health Insurance.  That probably means that we’ve gone in and over time we’ve built a bunch of links to our home page; a bunch of links, and now we want to go and maybe optimize for Texas Life Insurance.  Let’s say that we just got licensed for life.  We want to add that to our online marketing effort.

So the first thing that we’re going to do is because we’ve built all these links to our home page, this page has built up a whole bunch of Linkjuice, which we talked about yesterday.  You can think of that as sort of a bank of currency that this page now has to pay out.  And that Linkjuice is probably around the phrase Texas Health Insurance, but Texas Health Insurance includes two of the three words in Texas Life Insurance.  So that’s a pretty good place to start.

The first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to put a link on our home page in the content that says ‘Texas Life Insurance,’ and we’re going to link that page, make that link go to a page in our site about Texas Life Insurance, just a link here, anchor Texas Life Insurance linking to a page Texas Life Insurance.  Now, right away, we’ll see something strange happen.  Really as soon as this page gets indexed, if we go back and look at these two pages in search engine results, we’re probably going to see that the home page is going to rank higher for the phrase Texas Life Insurance than Texas Life Insurance pages.  And the reason for that is because we’ve developed a bunch of authority for our home page, but we haven’t built any authority for this Life page.  By adding an anchor text link on this page, search engines now think “Okay, maybe this page is about life insurance, as well.”

We can overcome that pretty easily and pretty quickly by just going back to our link building and creating some links to reference me to this life insurance page.  It won’t take very many.  We’ll see that bolts and back links using the right anchor text Texas Life Insurance to this page and pretty quickly this page will start to out rank the home page in life insurance.  So now, we’ve got a whole new realm of the keyword pyramid that we can go after.  That doesn’t stop here; there’s more we can do.

If you look at the keyword pyramid, we might see other related things about Texas Life Insurance as we go down.  Maybe it’s Affordable Texas Life Insurance or Texas Life Insurance Quotes.  The next thing we want to do is just go through and create some more pages on our site.  Maybe we create a page “Tips for Getting the Most of Your Texas Life Insurance” or “Why You Should Buy Texas Life Insurance from a Local Agent.”  Just go and create five or six pages about Texas Life Insurance, good content, using different types of keywords.

Then what we’re going to do is we’re going to take these pages and we’re going to inter-link them.  So okay, this is a page here, this is a page here, and this is a page here.  We’ll create a link on each of these pages or several links that ties them all together.  Then if we go and add some more pages – let’s say we add a new page ‘About Us’ also about life insurance, we can just keep those links going and maybe link it to a couple of these pages.  This is again links in the content, proper use of anchor text that we want linking back to the pages that we’re targeting.

What’s going to happen is as we do these in-build link building, we’re going to get more Linkjuice to our site.  Then through our internal link structure, what we’re doing is we’re taking this phrase Texas Life Insurance and we’re sort of passing our Linkjuice around.  What we’re doing by creating this sort of internal linking structure is we’re building up a bunch of sort of static energy on our topic where the search engine indexes are going to see the links to pages, they’re going to see incoming links from other pages, and they’re going to think, “Okay, this isn’t just one page about Texas Life Insurance, this is a whole bunch of pages,” and they’re going to give it more authority.

This is a strategy you can use to, like I said, go after the keyword pyramid to attack new branches and to use the effort you’ve already done on other parts of your site to launch new lines of business, to go up to new phrases, and really get that long tail humming.  So go and try this.  Make a couple of links from your home page to some of the secondary phrases or new phrases that you’re targeting, create some content about that phrase throughout your site, and then cross-link in that content to tie it all together.  It’s amazing how effective this is.  It’s a great thing to do and so this will really improve your rankings on your new phrases.

  • That’s what I’ve got for today and I’ll be back tomorrow with more.  Thank you.*