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Video 16: The One Factor That Can Make or Break Your Insurance Site’s SEO

February 21st, 2011Posted by akassover in Insurance Agent Websites, SEO, Videos


Now, we’ve covered a lot of stuff from the past couple of weeks and we’ve talked a bit about search engine optimization and some more complex tips for optimization like yesterday’s link building strategy.  I thought I would go back to the basics today and give you really the absolute important, number one thing you can do on your site for search engine optimization.  This is something that I’ve seen agents do and literally by this one change alone doubled their traffic from search engines.  It’s a huge thing.

What this is is the title tag of your web page.  The title tag, when you look at a web page, it appears in the top of the browser.  So you can see you have my site.  I’ve got this title tag that appears on the top.  As I browse through different pages, you’ll see that title tag will change for each page.  Now, if you want to look at title tag, you can also view the source of a page and you’ll see that this appears in the HTML.  It’s in the header of the document and it’s wrapped in these HTML brackets title tag.  So you can see here’s my title tag.  If you’re an AgentMethods customer, you can easily change your title tag just by going in, clicking on ‘Edit’ to edit a page – we’ll edit my home page – and you’ll see the title tag appears right here where I see “title”.  So you’ve got ‘Affordable Washington Health Insurance’ which maps exactly back to Affordable Washington Health Insurance on my home page.  We also add a dash and the name of your site.  That’s to keep the branding of the name consistent throughout.

Now, the title tag appears somewhere else.  It also shows up in search engines when somebody searches for your site.  You can see here in Google, when somebody searches for Seattle Insurance Partners.com, they find my site, and here it is again that exact same title tag.  So title tag is used in a couple of different ways.

As I mentioned before, this is probably the most important part of your site for search engine optimization.  The reason why is because this is essentially the name of the document, the name of the page, and search engines look for that to see what keywords that are there to decide what types of searches they should show your page for.

So a few things you want to do, the first is you want to make sure that you have your primary keyword in the title tag for each page.  You want to look at each page and say, “What is this page really about?  What search result do I want to show it for?”  And if I could choose one that’s the primary one, put it in your title tag.  You can also use a secondary and some people recommend using the form “Primary, Secondary” or “Primary – Secondary”, and then the brand name of your site if there’s enough space.  You want to keep it below 70 characters because above 70 characters it just gets cut off.  So you need to have enough space for your primary and your secondary and your brand name in 70 characters.

Then you want to make sure every page has its own title tag.  So go through your site.  You don’t want to duplicate; you want to keep them all unique and make sure it really is specific to the content on the page that the keywords in the title tag are used in the page and that it’s very much tied together.

So, that the title tag; it’s a really simple thing to go in and change.  It should take you just a couple of minutes to go through your entire site, come up with good title tags for each page, put your keywords on those title tags, and you can see some dramatic changes pretty quickly just by doing this one thing.

That’s what we’ve got for today.  We’ll have more tomorrow.  Thanks for watching.