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Video 19: Tip: Rearranging Pages on Your AgentMethods Insurance Website

February 24th, 2011Posted by akassover in Insurance Agent Websites, Videos


Hi, it’s Aaron Kassover from AgentMethods.  I want to talk today just to give you a quick tip for AgentMethods customers to show you something I’m not sure you know you can do.  It’s a cool little feature we have where you can rearrange the order of pages on your site.

Let’s take a look at my site.  We are looking at the Coverage Options section.  You can see I have a bunch of pages on health and life insurance and they’re kind of mixed together.  So let’s just imagine that I wanted to separate these out and have a bunch of pages on health insurance in one group and then below that the pages on life insurance.  We’re going to go over to the AgentMethods control panel into the Website Managed Content and we’re down in the Coverage Options section.

Now, when I hover over one of my pieces of content here, you’ll see this little sort of compass or four arrows pops up.  What I can do is simply click on that and that allows me to drag and drop.  I can now drag this page down to change the order of pages.  I can just quickly go in here and we can move this HSA page and this dental page up and it just pushes the pages beneath it down below.  I can very quickly separate out the different types of life pages and the different types of health pages just in a couple of seconds.  So here we change the order of the pages.  If you go back and look at my site and refresh, you’ll see that now the health pages are on top and then we have those life pages beneath it.

Now, one more thing, when I add a new page, let’s say I added this annuity page from our library, when it makes a copy of the page on my site by default it puts it on top.  Just remember as you add new pages, you’ll want to go in and just drag them down to where you want those pages to sit as well so that the order doesn’t get changed.  So here you can see that new page pushed down a little bit.

It’s a really simple tip.  Just want to make sure you’re aware of it.  You can go and you can reorganize your pages.  It doesn’t change the URL of the page at all, it just changes the order it appears so this won’t affect the pages it’s indexing in search engines.  It won’t have any impact on broken links or anything like that, but it’s a good idea to just go and get the pages organized the way you think it makes sense for your prospects.

That’s what we’ve have for today.  We’ll have more for tomorrow.  Thank you.