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Video 2: Adding Video to Your Agent Website

February 1st, 2011Posted by akassover in Insurance Agent Websites, Videos

Here are a few videos on YouTube explaining insurance-related topics:

There are lots more!


Hi.  It’s Aaron Kassover here from AgentMethods.  And today I want to talk about adding videos to your agent website.  Videos are a great way for you to interact with your customers in a different way than just text.  It allows people who like to sit back and just sort of watch to get information as opposed to more actively reading or researching in-depth.  And there’s an added bonus to videos which is that it seems like search engines love them, that sites with good video content, lots of video content, tend to rank better than sites without it.  And so adding videos to your site tends to be a really good idea.  Now, you can create videos on your own, like I am, just using your webcam.  It doesn’t need to be fancy; it can just be you sitting talking in your office, like I am right now.  You can also find videos on sites like YouTube and Vimeo that you can embed on your site that others have created.  And so there are a lot of options out there.

Now, for our example, we’ll use YouTube.  It’s just — probably has the most content and is the most common.  So what you do is you’ll go to YouTube and you’ll find the video that you’ll want.  You can create a video and upload it, or you can just go and search for videos on health insurance or auto insurance.  There’s some really good content on YouTube already available.  I’ll link some of it in the blog post.  Once you find a video you want to use, you just scroll down beneath the video see a button that says “embed”.  Click on that button.  Now, open up the embed control panel.  Now, if you scroll down a little more you’ll see there are some options where you can choose the size of the video you want to make it fit the space you have and you can also select different types of embedding code.  Now, as a note, AgentMethods users should use on YouTube the old embed code.  There’s an option to use old embed code, at least for now, and so go ahead and select that.  Now, you’ll copy the code that it creates; just do a Ctrl/C to copy.  And then go over to your site editor and browse to the page that you want the video on.

Now, for AgentMethod’s customers, once the page is open to edit, you’ll see an HTML option all the way over on the right of the tool bar and just click on that to be able to popup the window and edit the HTML.  What you do now is just take that code you got from YouTube and you paste it into the window, click on “update”, click on “save” and then you can preview the video on your site.  It’s really easy; it takes just a few seconds.  It’s something I recommend going, and whenever you find a video that you find is useful just go ahead and adds it to your site.

Now, a few tips.  First one, don’t overload your page.  It’s easy to get excited about adding videos and start to put 15/20 videos on one page.  Try to keep it down to three or four.  It will slow the page down and also just kind of gives people a place to focus on all the videos that you really want them to look at.  The second thing is if you have a choice, turn auto-play off, if it’s an option.  I sort of think of having video or sound that just pops up when you come to a page, I heard somebody describe it as being like having your cell phone ring at church.  It’s okay to get phone calls, but just not church.  And the same thing with the web, it’s okay to have video playing, but just don’t surprise people so turn auto-play off.

And the third thing is to not be afraid to be yourself and have a sense of humor.  This is a great chance for you to show people that you are a real person, that you are a human like them, and you’re somebody they can relate to.  So go and find some videos that might be funny, might talk about insurance in a new way, or just present you as you really are.  So with that, I think you have enough to get you started.  Go ahead and take a few minutes today and add a video to your site.

Thanks and I’ll see you again soon.