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Video 20: Thank You! Keeping Online Marketing Interactive

February 25th, 2011Posted by akassover in Insurance Agent Websites, Videos


Good morning, this is Aaron Kassover from AgentMethods.  Today is Day 20 of this video blog on insurance websites.  It’s been one month since I started.  It’s been a fantastic experience so far.  I want to take just a second today to take some time out and say thank you ‑ thank you for watching, thank you for commenting, thank you for sending in your feedback.  I really appreciate you taking your time to watch these videos.  I love the comments.  I appreciate the emails and the phone calls.  It’s great for me to know that you’re watching and that you’re hopefully learning something, and just to get some feedback on what you want, what you want to know more about, what challenges you’re having with marketing your insurance business online.

So thank you for the feedback.  Thank you for watching.  More of it, If you have a comment or if you have a question, I really appreciate sending it in, sending it my way, commenting on the blog, and I’ll make sure that I address it , I read and respond to every single one.  All the feedback, all the comments I’ve gotten, suggestions, if I haven’t covered them yet, I will cover them in the near future, so please send those in.  I really appreciate it.

Now, it is a little bit funny to be sitting here in my office and to just stare at my webcam and talk.  It’s kind of a strange experience, so getting your comments is a good reminder that there is someone other on the other end, that there are other people here.  I think it’s pretty similar to what you’re going through with your online marketing where you’re probably sitting alone in your office, maybe it’s on the weekend and the evening, or sometimes you’re just not around people and you’re doing all this work, but there isn’t that face-to-face response.  That’s kind of one of the funny things about online marketing is that you’re staring at your screen by yourself.  But people do see it and so my suggestion to you, as you’re working on your website, to think about making it interactive, to think about the fact that you are talking to somebody, to pretend that there’s a person in front of you as opposed to a blank screen.

And to kind of keep this a habit, I recommend just starting to think about the web as a two-way communication as opposed to a one-way communication.  So that means practicing what you preach, so when you go to a website, send a comment.  Have it ‑ open up a dialog with the website owner.  If it’s a blog, post your thoughts.  Post a question.  Keep it interactive.  You’ll find that really does do a lot to break down this sort of barrier between you and your audience like I have here just staring at my screen.

So keep that in mind.  I think it’s a good tip.  It’s something that will really help you think about the fact that there’s a person on the other side.  And as I said before, thank you very much.  I have a bunch of stuff queued up for next week.  I’ll be talking about domain names, picking a domain name, what makes a good domain name, and some other things around that, and so stay tuned for more, there’s a lot to come.

Thank you very much.