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Video 24: Why Most Agents Don’t Succeed Online

March 3rd, 2011Posted by akassover in Business, Insurance Agent Websites, Videos


Hi, it’s Aaron Kassover with AgentMethods talking about insurance websites.  I thought I’d take a step back today because we’ve been covering a lot of different tips and strategies on how to improve your website, but ultimately these strategies or tips are not the make or break it element.  I work with a lot of insurance agents and I see some who are very successful, tremendously successful with their websites.  I see others who try it a little bit and then it sort of just doesn’t – they peter out and fail or they never really get anywhere with their website.  I’ve seen really one big difference between the groups of agents who are successful and those who are not, so I want to talk about that today.

Now, it really is very simple, it comes down to sticking with it.  The agents that stick with it are successful.  The ones who don’t, aren’t.  What I mean by that is I see those who don’t stick with it kind of fall into two categories.  The first are the agents who launch a website, have a bunch of energy, are really excited, work all weekend, have a bunch of things they want to do, a big list, and they work and work and work and work, overwhelm themselves, get behind on their other things, and then go back to their lives and they have to get caught up with talking to prospects and there are other sales and so they had this big sprint and then they stall.

The other agents are ones who launch a website and just think that really it’s going to market itself.  I get calls from agents all the time who have done nothing to promote their website.  They have just turned it on and three months later they’re saying, “Aaron nobody is coming to my website; what are you doing wrong?”  The truth is that I’m not doing anything wrong.  I talked about getting a phone number from a phone company and if you don’t go out and give that phone number to people, the phone is not going to ring.  So you have to do work.

It doesn’t mean following the trap of the first agents and just going at it really hard.  The agents that are successful are able to maintain a consistent pace over the long run, over a year, two years, three years.  What that means is being able to take one simple step every day, the tiniest step you can imagine, one step every day.  Now, those of you who work in the financial world probably don’t know the ‘Rule of 72’.  The Rule of 72 tells us that if we can make a 1% improvement on our website everyday, just improve by 1%, in 72 days our website will be twice as good.  If we do it again, 1%, another 72 days, that’s 144 days later; it will be twice as good again.  So that means in half a year, you’re going to have a four times improvement in your website; this means the traffic to your site, the quality of prospects that you’re bringing to the site, the number of leads generated.  So if you can make just that one small step every day, you’ll see in one half a year, you’ll quadruple your success online.  And you keep that up forever.

So it really is simple.  Take half an hour a day or take 15 minutes a day or set yourself some time every day, and when you get to your desk the first thing go and do one simple thing to improve your website.  I’m giving you tips daily here.  A lot of strategies you can put into place, but just make sure you make a list and then one day check off one thing.  You’ll be amazed at how far you make it in three months, six months, one year, two years.  Agents that do this will be successful; I promise you.

That’s what I have for today.  I’ll have more tomorrow.  Thank you.