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Video 33: Improve Your Site’s SEO By Ignoring Search Engines

March 16th, 2011Posted by akassover in Google, Insurance Agent Websites, SEO, Traffic, Videos


*Hi, it’s Aaron Kassover from AgentMethods here talking about insurance websites and how you can grow your insurance business online.  This is Day 2 of the new microphone and the lamp and so maybe just let me know in the comments at the end of this video if it sounds better; if the videos are getting better.  I hope so.  That’s what I want to see if I can get you good content and also make these things a little more polished.  I’m not going to promise high level production, but we’ll see if I can make them a little tiny bit better in the next couple of days. *

So moving on, we’ve been talking about this “farmer update” that happened to Google’s search engine algorithm where they basically erased a bunch of websites with low content.  I want to talk more about how you can protect yourself from that and just kind of more about driving traffic to your website in sort of a diversified way.  And so let’s go back and think about what the goal of a search engine is; what are they trying to do?  Now, we know that when we go and type in a search in Google or Yahoo or Bing, we want to find an answer to a question or a research we’re looking for, or some information.  So we’re kind of giving search engines a challenge, which is take these snippets of words or this phrase, and go and find the best piece of content on the planet instantly for me for this phrase; it’s a pretty big challenge.

It’s really about the content.  It’s not about “show me the page that has the best written header tag or the most optimized title tag for this content.”  We’re not asking about the page with the most backlinks for this content.  We don’t care about that stuff.  We want to see the best content itself.  But search engines have to use that other stuff, header tags, title tags, backlinks, optimization, as sort of a rough model to figure out what the best content is.  It’s sort of the unfortunate truth of how the web works and how search engines work.

In the perfect world, we wouldn’t have to worry about search engines as site owners and the search engines wouldn’t have to worry about optimization and what site was the best optimized.  We just worry about making the best site we can for our users, having the best content that we can, and let them take care of the rest.  That’d be the perfect world.

Now, the truth is that I’ve worked with some carriers, some national carriers, who don’t do any SEO; they should, but they don’t.  They don’t pay any attention to search engines at all.  They just go out there and they have sites with thousands of pages, tons of information, they’ve got national brands and they’re getting backlinks, and they get millions of visitors to their site through search and through everything else.  And this just happens because they have a good site.  It just happens.

So today I want to ask you just to do a sort of a quick mental exercise.  Just imagine, what if there was no such thing as a search engine?  What if it didn’t exist?  Now, don’t go out and start one, but instead how could you be successful with your website if there wasn’t Bing, and wasn’t Google, and wasn’t Yahoo to bring visitors to you?  How would you get traffic?  What would you do?  We kind of know the answer which is well, you’d have to tell people about your site.  You’d have to go around and promote it yourself.  You’d have to go to other website owners and get them to link to you.  You’d have to have something really compelling on your site people want to visit; they want to see.

So just think about that for a couple of minutes.  What would you do to get people to your site if there were no search engines?  How would you do this?  Then start to see what you can put in place.  Is there somebody that you know that has a website that maybe they’d be interested in linking to you?  Is there some content that you could write that is really relevant to your market and could that help you get people to come to your site?  Is there a place, maybe in your email footer, that you could add a link to your website so people could click on it?

*So go through this mental exercise, think about what if there were no search engines.  How would you get traffic to your site?  Use this as a way to start to brainstorm other things you can do to drive traffic.  You might be surprised, but there could be some really “low hanging fruit,” some really easy to cheat opportunities; maybe it’s 10; maybe it’s 20 visitors a month; maybe it’s 30; maybe it’s more, but that could really make an impact  that you can control.  Don’t put your total reliance on some third-party business that’s going to go and maybe make a change to an algorithm tonight that could shut you down tomorrow. *

So think about that and we’ll go from there.  I will have more tomorrow.  Again, make a quick comment – do I sound better?  Is this microphone working?  What else can I do to make these videos just sort of technically better to get this information out to you?  That’s what I have for today.  I’ll see you tomorrow.  Thank you.