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Video 42: Track Your Insurance Websites With Google Analytics

March 29th, 2011Posted by akassover in Insurance Agent Websites, Tools, Traffic, Videos

You can get started with Google Analytics at Google.com/analytics.


*Hello, it’s Aaron Kassover talking about insurance agent websites.  Last Friday, I was talking about the importance of tracking your progress and how you want to keep track of how you’re doing, not just as a way to sort of measure your victories and your successes, but also to make sure you know what you need to fine tune to meet your goals.  I want to show you just a really cool, free tool you can use to track your site’s progress called Google Analytics.  This is something you can install on your site, it doesn’t cost anything, and it let’s you track a whole bunch of different metrics, really everything you can think of.  Let’s go over to the browser and take a look. *

*So we’re looking at the Google Analytics Dashboard.  I’m not going to go through all of the things it can do, but on the Dashboard you kind of get a snapshot of the overall health of your site traffic, things like the number of visits you’re getting, how many pages those visitors are looking at, your site’s bounce rate, the traffic sources where traffic comes from.  You can click through on any of these and you can get more information on exactly what these traffic sources are, what sites are referring to you, what keywords are bringing traffic to you, and that sort of thing.  You can see that literally just a list of keywords like HSA and Seattle, and the different sources that are driving traffic.  There’s a lot of stuff here.  I recommend you install it and spend some time and sort of figuring out how to use it and then going back and looking at what your goals are. *

So to install Google Analytics, when you sign up for an account, they’re going to give you this little piece of tracking code here.  It’s just a little script that you add to your site and they want you to add it to every page on your site, every single page you want to track just before the closing head tag.  Now, in the case of my site, if we view the source, you’ll see here’s the script right here.  So what you would do is go through and edit your HTML and add this into every page on your site.  Now, if you’re an AgentMethods customer, there is an easier way.  What you can do is just go in to your AgentMethods admin panel, go to the account, and then if you scroll down site settings, there’s this analytics code setting.  All you need to do is click on “Change your analytics setting” and you can just paste that code that Google gives you right here into – there’s a place for footer code and header code, and so you paste this in, save the settings, and you are good to go.

It only takes a couple of seconds to do.  If you’re an AgentMethods customer, we handle all the hard work for you of bringing in every page on your site.  If you’re doing the site yourself, if it’s built through another platform, or if it’s built through HTML, you want to go in and make sure you paste this in every page on your site and every new page that will get tracked.

I’ll talk a little more about some of the things you can do with Analytics and in some ways sort of use it to fine tune your site in the future, but for now just go and make sure it’s installed, make sure you’re getting data and then we’ll go from there.  I will have more in the future.  Thanks for watching.