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Video 44: Make it Easy For Your Insurance Website Visitors to Share Your Site

March 31st, 2011Posted by akassover in Insurance Agent Websites, Social Media, Tools, Videos


Hi, it’s Aaron from AgentMethods talking about insurance agent websites.  In the past, I recommended that you need to tell your visitors what to do next, that you need to give them a clear call to action if you want to make them to do the things that you most want them to do.  Things like getting a quote, or contacting you, or telling a friend about your site, forwarding on, referring.  So I’m going to show you just a really quick, really cool little tool you can add to your website that just streamlines the process of sharing your website content.  You can add it in a few seconds and I think it will help increase referrals and get your visitors to spread the word.  So let’s take a look at my site and I’ll show you how it works.

So we’re looking at the SeattleInsurancePartners.com site, this is sort of my demo site, and you can see here that I’ve added this little tool that appears which just says “Share” and has a couple of icons.  This is just a little button where I can click on, for example, my favorite is this email envelope.  It just pops up a quick “email friend” where you can just type in your email information, your To and From and Note, and when you click on “Send”, it will just send a link to this page; super cool, super easy.  It also let’s you link into Facebook, Google Bookmarks, MySpace, and then a bunch more.  If you click on “Share”, you’ll see there’s Twitter, and you can print, you can add to Digg, and 335 more other options.  So this just does a whole bunch of stuff, super easy to add, and it just gets people to click, and explore, and share your page.

Let me show you how you add this.  It’s built by a service called AddThis, and AddThis let’s you create these bookmarks really easily.  Now, you do want to create an account; it’s free.  They don’t seem to spam you, they sort of respect your email information, so I think it’s okay to sign up for it.  If you do create an account, you can track number shares and get some analytics about what happens.  Basically, go to AddThis.  You can choose from a couple of different styles of share buttons.  Then you click on “Get AddThis”, and it will go and create the button for you.  So you can see here is your button.  Now, you can choose which platform you want to add it to, so if you want to link it to your website, you select that.  Then there are some more style actions here you can select from.  I think I have this one on my site right now.

So once you get the button you like, all you need to do is just copy the code, and then paste it into your website that you want it to appear.  If you’re an AgentMethods customer, what you would do is you go and you edit your page, just like I did on my home page, and then make sure you click on this HTML button, and then you will just open this HTML editing window up and paste in the code right here.  You can see that I have the code, “Add this button” right here.  Then you’d update your changes, save them, and they’re live.

So that’s AddThis, it’s a cool little tool.  It will take you two minutes to add to your site.  I think it will increase the sharing and referrals you get off your website, so go ahead and give it a try.  Doesn’t cost anything and it’s totally painless.  I think it will help.

That’s what I have today.  I will, of course, have more tomorrow.  Thanks for watching.