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Video 54: Maximizing Your Revenue in Insurance Pay Per Click Advertising

April 14th, 2011Posted by akassover in Insurance Agent Websites, PPC, Videos


*Hi, it’s Aaron from AgentMethods.  I am talking about optimizing your pay-per-click campaign for your insurance websites.  And we’ve gone through the ROI formula, we’ve talked about ways to decrease your cost-per-click, we’ve talked about way to improve your conversion.  And if you’ve done both of those things and you’re finding that you’re still not making your campaigns work, and you’ve sort of gotten your cost-per-click as low as you think you can, your conversion rate’s singing pretty well, but you’re still seeing a negative return on investment, there is one more lever you can pull, one more thing you can change, and that’s the average revenue you make per sale or your commission. *

*Now, I’m sure that you’re already out there sort of keeping track of commission rates and making sure that you have the best products to sell, that you are compensated as well as possible, that you’re working with the best up line or the best carriers, and that’s sort of up to you, what you do.  And I’m not going to worry about.  But one thing you might consider is simply, are you selling the right product?  Is the product that you’re selling one that has a revenue structure and has a commission structure that works for pay-per-click campaigns?  And I’ll tell you what, the honest truth, not every product is going to work.  There’s going to be some, maybe there’s not enough commission, they’re too commodity focused where there’s not – the dollar amount built into the product margin to allow for the kind of marketing cost that you can see with pay-per-click campaigns.  And especially products that have sort of a commoditized sale where you’re not really adding a lot of value to the transaction; you’re simply just taking orders.  And you know those products, you know that they are, and so keep that in mind.  Are you focusing on the right product?  Is there something else you could be selling?  Should you change what you’re marketing just very slightly?  Maybe sort of taking a ten degree turn to one direction to find a different product that requires more hand on selling, there’s more value add, maybe it’s a more complex sale that will encourage people to contact you and then you can go and communicate the value of the product and close the deal and make the commission. *

So the last step of ROI is simply to test different products, to try out different carriers, to try out different variations of products, to really see not just what has the highest commission or what’s the easiest sale or the lower cost, but really what has the best overall return on investment, the best ROI on online sales.  And I think you’ll be surprised that it’s not always what you would guess.  So go out there, try some different products, don’t just focus on one thing if it’s not working.  If it’s not working, take a turn to the right and try something else because there is success to be found in pay-per-click advertising.  It just simply takes the right cost structure and the right revenue structure to make it work.

*So that’s what I’ve got today.  It’s really more some food for thought, but definitely it’s a very important part of the equation and the revenue that you’re making.  So keep it in mind.  I will have more about insurance agent websites tomorrow.  Of course, if you have any questions, if there’s anything you’re wondering about and would like to learn, please send me a note, post a comment, and I will get to it in a future video.  Thanks for watching. *