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Video 56: Make Sure Your Insurance Content Isn’t Ignored

April 18th, 2011Posted by akassover in Content, Insurance Agent Websites, Videos

Links mentioned in the video:

Steve Jobs quote on the Kindle

Jacok Nielson’s study showing website visitors only read 20% of a page’s content

My video How To Write Great Insurance Website Content in 10 Minutes


*Hello, it’s Aaron from AgentMethods.  Now, if you recall back to 2008, a few years ago, when Amazon released their Kindle product, which is an eBook reader, the New York Times asked Steve Jobs what he thought of it.  And he said, this is his quote, “It doesn’t matter how good or bad the product is, the fact is that people don’t read anymore.”  Now, we talk about how important content is and how important content is for your insurance website.  But the honest truth is that people don’t read web pages anymore; they just skim them.  They skim and don’t read.  And this has been confirmed by study after study, usability experts, I’ll link to a study by Jacob Nielsen in the comments here where he shows that users read on average about 20% of a pages content, just 20%, and he’s accounting for the bounces, not counting those in, which is just a tiny bit of the content you put on your site.  You’re doing all this work for content that’s not going to get read. *

*And so to help you make sure that your work is going to produce results and not being wasted, I want to talk about how you can write for the web and ways you can sort of forget the lessons you learned in school about writing essays and proper writing structure, and instead taking a different approach to writing content that is designed for the web to be easy to skim.  And so I’ve got four tips today to write content for the web, to make your content work better online for people who skimming and not reading. *

*And the first one is to break your content up into sections and give each section a title, title the section, and then make sure that title is sort of a short phrase describing the section, make it catchy, and put it in bold so somebody can just scan the page and really quickly see those section titles to see what your content’s about. *

The second one, and this goes against everything I was trained in school, is to write in bullet points.  Use bullet points as much as possible as opposed to full sentences.  They’re easier to read, they are easier to scan, they’re easier to remember, they break down each point so you can sort of see what the points are as opposed to having to read a long paragraph and discern what the points are.  So use bullet points.

The third is to use an attention grabbing headline, and write your headline, not just to label the content, to describe the content, but really to imply the benefit or the urgency of the content so it’s not just “life insurance,” it’s “don’t make these mistakes buying life insurance,” something like that to imply a benefit or an urgency of the topic.

And then the fourth one is to not forget the call-to-action on your content.  People skim your content, they look at the headline, the section topics, maybe read a few bullet points, and they get to the bottom, their eyes are going to be resting on your call-to-action.  So make sure you put what you want your visitors to do next on the page and they’ll do it.  And of course, make the call-to-action stand out, use the squint test, make sure it’s really visible, make sure you can see it.

So those are four tips.  Now, guess what; the process I described a few weeks ago on how to write great content in 10 minutes or less happens to produce content that follows this exact approach.  If you use that format, use that formula, you will end up with content with a great headline, with clearly defined sections that are labeled, with bullet points, a call-to-action, so use that approach, use that format, and you’ll end up with web content that works well, people will read it, they’ll get your point, and you’re not going to worry about the fact that people don’t read anymore like they used to.

So that’s what I’ve got today; I think it’s really important.  Go take a look at your content; see how you can streamline it to make it easier to skim.  It will be worth your time because people will actually read what you have to say.  I will, of course, have more on insurance agent websites tomorrow.  Thank you very much for watching.