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Video 63: Why Insurance Agents Shouldn’t Blog

April 27th, 2011Posted by akassover in Insurance Agent Websites, Social Media, Tools, Videos


Hi, it’s Aaron from AgentMethods talking about insurance websites.  I was all excited yesterday to be wearing a t-shirt instead of my hoodie, my spring wardrobe, but the weather’s not cooperating.  It’s back to cold Seattle right now, so it’s back to the hoodie where I’m warm doing these videos.  I want to talk today about blogs, and there’s a lot of buzz about blogs.  They’ve been around for a few years, and if you read the trade publications, if you talk to social media experts, those sort, they’re all saying you’ve got to have blog, is your agency blogging, are you blogging.  And I think that there’s a lot of hype about blogs, but I disagree about having a blog for your agency.  I don’t think it’s a good idea, and here’s why.

The first one is keeping a blog is really hard.  It’s a lot work, it takes a lot time, it takes a lot to time to come up with good topics.  You need to have the time to spend really hours a week writing good content to keep it from going stale, and all of this is going to really take your focus away from talking to prospects, selling, promoting your business, promoting your website.  It takes a lot of time; it’s hard.

*The second one is that your prospects don’t really want to read an insurance blog.  This is the heart’s truth that we care about insurance, you care about insurance, but your customers aren’t going to subscribe to it, they don’t want regular updates, they don’t want to come back every week and read your new post.  They just want to know what they need to know to buy insurance now and move on.  They don’t care about getting updates on insurance.  And, in fact, it’s even worse.  It’s really hard to have a unique, interesting, compelling perspective in an insurance blog.  So you’re not only talking about things that your audience doesn’t care about, you’re probably not really adding much to the conversation in the process. *

*And the third is that you are an insurance agent, not a writer.  And harsh reality most agent blogs I’ve seen are not well-written, they come off as being written by people who are not writer, maybe they’re not good writers, maybe they don’t have the time to focus on it, but either way, that lack of high quality writing makes the blogger look less professional.  If there are typos, if the grammar isn’t perfect, if your content isn’t structured well, it makes you look like you’re less trustworthy.  And so it’s simply sticking your neck out somewhere where you don’t need to be. *

*So I think those three things coming together overwhelm the benefits of blogs, that sure, there’s SEO benefits, sure they’re easy to set up, sure there’s a lot of buzz to them, but they’re hard, they are not interesting to your audience, and they take away your focus from your job.  And so I think the net sum of that is really simple that unless there’s a special case going on, you probably shouldn’t be blogging.  That’s my perspective. *

Now, of course, tomorrow I’m going to contradict myself and I’m going to give you a few reasons why you might want to blog.  I think there are some situations where they do make sense, but they’re very specific, and so I’ll talk about those tomorrow.

That’s what I’ve got today about insurance agent websites.  Tune in tomorrow for more about blogs.  Thanks for watching.