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Video 65: Get Feedback from Your Insurance Website’s Visitors

April 29th, 2011Posted by akassover in Insurance Agent Websites, Tools, Videos

You can create your own survey at KissInsights.com.


Hi, it’s Aaron from AgentMethods talking about insurance websites.  In the past, I’ve talked about how important it is to get your prospect’s opinion, to get feedback from real customers on your website, and to really get a sense of what they’re looking for, why they come to your site, and what their goals are in going online and looking for insurance information.

*And so I want to show you just a really simple, really cool little tool that you can actually get for free that lets you ask questions of your site visitors in a very unobtrusive way to get feedback from them about how they found you site, what they brought them there, what they’re looking for on the site, if they found it, and just things like what else would you want to find on this page, what other information would you want on this page.  So I want to show you how it works and how you can add it to your site. *

*So let’s go to the browser and I’ll give you a quick demo.  So let’s go ahead and load up my site, Seattle Insurance Partners, and you’ll see once the page loads, I have this little popup that appears, and you can set the timing of it.  But it just asks the simple question “What did you come to our site today to do?”  And I can answer “Learn about health insurance,” and yes, I was able to do it successfully.  And so that sends a question, sends an answer to me, I can collect these answers.  And I’m using a tool called KISSinsights to do this.  Now, KISSinsights is designed to ask these really simple questions on your website.  They have two plans; I’m using the free plan, which costs nothing.  It gets you 30 responses.  You can also, for $30 a month, you can buy the unlimited plan, and it has some more customization capabilities.  But really, 30 responses is pretty good to get a sense of what your customers want. *

*Now, to set up a survey, let me show you what you do.  So I’m going to login to my account, and once I’m in, it takes me to the dashboard.  So you can see this is the question I have active right now, “What did you come to our site to do?”  And if I want to create a new survey, I’ll just click survey.  Now, on the free account, they give you a set of pre-created questions you can use, and they’re really pretty good.  You can’t create your own for the free account, but there’s a lot of stuff here like, “Do you have any feedback on this page?” or “What did you come to this site today to do?” or “Are you happy?” or “What other information would you like to see on this page?”  So let’s go ahead and add this one.  So we’ll select the survey and then it asks me what page on my site I want it to go to. *

*So let’s just add it to – how about the health insurance basics page.  So we grab the URL, paste it into here, and then there are some more things you can put it on an entire section of your site, so, for example, all the coverage options page, you can choose the design, and then how you get responses.  Now once it’s done, you now get a little piece of tracking code and this is just a couple of lines of script, and you’re going to copy this and paste it into every page on your site.  Now, if you have a site with AgentMethods, you can just put this script on the account tab under website settings in the analytics code.  If you just paste it into your footer code – you can see that I’ve added it right here – that will automatically add it to every page in your site without you having to go in and do that.  So just paste it in here, save your settings, and then you’re good to go.  So now if we go back and refresh our site here, we’ll see that survey popup in just a second.  There it is, and so this is just really a simple way to ask people questions.  You can see it’s fair unobtrusive and the best part is it’s free.  It gets you 30 responses.  You can choose from a bunch of different questions, and begin getting some good feedback on what your prospects want from your site. *

So KISSinsights, kissinsights.com.  I’ll put a link in the comments on the blog post, but go check it out.  Give it a try, and see what you can learn from website visitors.  That’s what I have today.  I will have more on insurance agent websites tomorrow.  Thank you very much for watching.