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Video 66: Tracking Actionable Metrics With Your Insurance Website

May 2nd, 2011Posted by akassover in Insurance Agent Websites, Tools, Traffic, Videos


*Hi, it’s Aaron from AgentMethods talking about insurance websites.  Now, recently, just a few days ago, I went out and went snowboarding.  You might be able to see the tell-tell goggle tan lines, but I got this new iPhone app for snowboarding that you turn on and you stick it in your pocket and let it run, and throughout the day it uses the GPS in your iPhone just to track a bunch of things, like it tracks where you went on a map, it tracks the vertical feet that you go up and down, the number of runs you took, and it also tracks the top speed or the maximum speed you had for the day.  So I’ll show you the app on my iPhone.  You can see it right here, and here’s the max speed, and you can see that 49 miles per hour was my max speed, which is pretty good. *

*And I got to the end of the day, pulled this thing out of my pocket, and I saw that, and I saw that I went 49 miles per hour and my first thought was I bet I can go faster.  Because I really wasn’t trying to go fast, it just happened that I ended up getting 49 miles per hour, and I thought, “Wow, if I tried, maybe I could even hit 55 or 60.”  It’s a pretty dangerous train of thought here.  But it got me thinking about how metrics apply, how setting a benchmark applies to achieving objectives.  And I think the same thing is true with your insurance website.  Just like once I measure something, I can now go and set a benchmark to improve against.  With your website, as you start to measure your activities, you can set benchmarks and then month over month kind of measure yourself against them. *

*Now, I’m not talking about outcomes, I’m not talking about the number of visitors to your website, the number of leads you generate, because those are metrics that are important to watch but they don’t affect your behavior.  You know, if you want to increase the number of leads to your site, you don’t just measure the leads and say, “I’m going to get more,” you have to do some sort of activity to get these leads.  So I think it’s something to think about where if you want to get more visitors to your site, for example, what are the activities behind them, what do you do, what are the key behaviors to being successful with an insurance website, and how do you track those.  These might be things like the number of emails a month you send out about your website, you know, you sent out 1,000 last month and you’re going to send out 1,200 next month.  You know, how many links did you build?  What kind of activities did you do for link building?  Maybe you spent 10 hours last month link building or you built 500 links last month or something along those lines.  You know, how many partners did you reach out to?  How many new referral sources did you go talk to?  You know, what are these activities around promoting your website that you do every month?  And how can you measure them, and how can you sort of track your behavior so that you can begin to increase those activities?  Because if you build more links, if you send out more emails, if you talk to more partners, you will get the outcome you’re looking for, you’ll get more traffic, you will get more visitors, you will get more leads. *

And so focusing on these key behaviors, key metrics, key activities really is the critical missing metric in success with your website.  So I think it’s something that you should think about and start to build a system.  You know, if there’s a way for you just to make a tick mark or maybe make an X everyday you spend an hour doing links, or you make an X when you talk to a new potential referral source for your website.  And then tally those up every month, and month-to-month see if you’re remaining consistent or if you can increase your behaviors to get the outcomes that you’re looking for.  It’s kind of a different spin on metrics because it’s not the traditional sort of Google Analytics number of hits that you got, number of new referrals and that sort of thing, but really kind of what are the activities that you’re doing to promote your site.

So start tracking those.  Let me know how it goes.  I’d be interested in hearing what you want to track, what you think are the key behaviors that you do to promote your website and to make yourself successful online, so let me know.

I will have more on insurance agent websites tomorrow.  So thanks for watching and tune in again.