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Video 68: Spend Your Time on the Things That Matter

May 4th, 2011Posted by akassover in Insurance Agent Websites, Videos


*Hi, it’s Aaron from AgentMethods talking about insurance websites.  And I want to make a confession today.  Now, when I started doing these videos, the thing that I worried the most about before the video wasn’t what I was going to talk about or how my hair looked, obviously; it was what shirt I should wear.  I would go to my closet and figure out what shirt have I worn previously, what am going to wear today.  I’d actually waste time thinking about this.  And I got these sweatshirts and things with AgentMethods on it and realized that this is just simple decision.  I don’t need to really spend any time, any time or brainpower worrying about this. *

And I think there’s something similar with your website where I see a lot you really focusing on details of your site, really obsessing on very specific parts of your site, and this might be something about design like a font choice, customizing your colors, wanting a custom design that nobody else has.  Or, it might be technical things like whether you should run your site on Linux or Window or PHP versus … tight intricacies of W3C validation for your code, these technical things.  And kind of like what shirt I was going to wear, the truth is that none of those things matter.  There are so many little details you can worry about that are just sort of incidental, like font choice, that are going to have no impact on your site results.  You know, changing your font, as long as you stick to sort of some basics, is not going to make a difference in how your prospects see you.  Customizing the colors of your site really is not going to make a difference.

And so my message today is really just kind of like me with my shirt, spend your time focusing on the things that are going to differentiate you, that are going to give you results, and that matter for your prospects.  And don’t waste any time, don’t waste a second more than you have to on all the other things that don’t matter.  So don’t worry about placing fonts in your screen, don’t worry about script language, PHP versus ASP versus Linux versus Windows.  Let people like me make those decisions so you don’t have to waste your time doing it.  And instead, focus on differentiating yourself, and this means focusing on your content, focus on writing great content.  Focus on understanding your market, your niche, who they are and what do they want.  Focus on building trust with your prospects, building relationships.  Focus on what your calls to action are, what you want your visitors to do, and make sure those calls to action are really clear.  And then, of course, focus on things like building links to your site, going out and getting other site owners to share and refer business your way.  Get the basic SEO stuff like your title tags down, know what keywords you’re focusing on, and make sure there’s content built around it.

Those are the things that matter, those are the things that are going show you results, have an impact in your site, and that’s where you should be spending your time.  So don’t obsess over these details that don’t matter.  Don’t worry too much about small details of design.  Don’t worry too much about placing fonts, serif versus sans serif.  Don’t worry about scripting, those sorts of things.  Instead, focus on your customers, focus on your content, focus on getting your site promoted, and that’s where you’ll see your results.

So, that’s what I’ve got today.  I will have more about insurance agent websites tomorrow.  Thank you for watching.