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Video 7 – Adding a Signature to Your Email

February 8th, 2011Posted by akassover in Email, Technology, Videos

Here are instructions on adding signatures to AgentMethods webmail and other email programs.



Hi, it’s Aaron Kassover from AgentMethods here today, and I want to talk to you about just a really, really simple tip which is to create an email signature that includes your contact information and your website address.  This is so simple, but it’s so often forgotten; it’s so often overlooked.  Now, I’ll tell you a story to illustrate just how important this is.  We got a call from one of the AgentMethods agents, one of our customers, who was really excited because he had just made a sale.  And he had been talking to a lady in his community, she was an older lady, for a few months and had talked to her about some Medicare products.  She was really interested.  He sent her over a proposal with some details on the product, but at the last minute, she calls up and says, “You know, my son told me not to buy anything without checking with him first, and so I’m sorry I can’t make the sale.”  And so he talked to her a little more; really couldn’t get anywhere.  Then a few weeks later, he got a phone call from her and what she said is, “I got the green light from my son to go ahead and buy the policy.”

She had taken that email that he had sent her and just forwarded it on to her son.  Her son got the email, looked at the product, and then saw that there was a link in the agent’s signature in his email to his website.  He clicked on the link and was able to go and look at the agent’s site and learn who this agent was, read about the community he serves, his approach to selling insurance, and really just gain some trust in this agent to see that he’s not just a fly-by-night operation, but he’s a real professional who has a high quality website with good content and really showed this lady’s son that this agent was for real and not a scam.  And it was because of that, because of seeing his website, that the son was able to call up his mom and say, “Mom, go ahead and make the purchase.”

And the story here just goes you to show that you never know where your emails are going to end up.  Emails get forwarded around.  I’m sure you often hear I need to talk to my spouse; I need to talk to my husband or wife about this before I can make a decision.  And so just a really simple tip; always make sure that you have your phone number and your website address in your email signature.  It will take you about five minutes to get it setup and it could make you a $1,000 or more commission like it did for this agent.  So in the comments, I’m going to post a link to some instructions on how you can add signature to your email.  And I have instructions for web mail for Agentmethods web mail and also for Gmail, Hotmail, programs like Microsoft Outlook and Mac Mail.  So really, whatever you’re using for email, today just go and take five minutes, create a signature, and you never know how it will help you.

So that’s the tip for today.  Now, I do want to hear what you are interested in, so if you can just take a few minutes, add a comment, add a question, let me know what you want to know about online marketing, and I’ll make sure I cover it in a future video.  Thanks, and I’ll see you soon.