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Video 71: Want a Great Website? Put Yourself on an Editorial Calendar

May 9th, 2011Posted by akassover in Content, Insurance Agent Websites, Videos


Hi, it’s Aaron Kassover talking about insurance websites and how you can grow your insurance agency online.  Now, I’ve probably sound like a broken record always talking about content, adding content to your site, improving content.  The truth is that content is kind of the purpose of your website.  It’s to deliver information to your customers.  And so having great content is the fundamental sort of foundational aspect of a great insurance website.  And so you just have to do it, have to add content.

*Now, one thing I recommend to agents is to put yourself on an editorial calendar.  Create a calendar with regular, frequent updates and sort of set a schedule when you’re going to update your website and then plan out in the future what you’re actually going to add to it.  And so the first thing is you want to add some frequency, you know, whether this is once a month, once every two weeks, once a week, twice a week, however often you know you can keep up with it.  Create a calendar with regular updates to your website.  And then create a plan around it; what are you going add, and what kind of content do you want to make on your site over time. *

Now, one recommendation is to go off of your keyword research, to look at keywords that you want to target that you’re not ranking for right now, and develop a content plan to add some content around those keywords.  And maybe it’s related around a keyword, so it’s long-tailed keywords, or maybe it’s keywords that are deeper down the keyword pyramid that sort of add up to the keyword that you’re targeting, but making a plan to go after the keywords that you’ve researched that you want to start to rank for.

*And the second is to just kind of keep a list of titles.  Maybe it’s file in your computer or a notebook, just whenever you’re talking to your prospect you think, “You know, that would be good for my website.”  Or if you see something else that you think is good or get an idea while you’re showing, just jot it down.  And keep that list so that when it comes time for your bi-weekly update to add a piece of content to your site, you can pull the list out and you can just see, “Okay, here are 10 ideas, I’m going to pick this one and go for it right now.” *

*Now, consistent progress always wins if you can just make regular steps to a better website once a month, once every two weeks, consistently, over the long haul, you will win the race to the finish of the best website.  If you try to do this all at once, if you try to add just a bunch of content over a short period of time, you’re going to overwhelm yourself and end up burning out really quickly. *

So create a create a content calendar, and then update your site at regular intervals over a period of time, and that’s how you’ll get to be the one who has the best content and the best insurance website.  It’s really simple.

So that’s what I’ve got today.  I will have more about insurance agent websites tomorrow.  Thank you very much for watching.  I really appreciate it.