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Video 8 – Three Questions Your Insurance Website MUST Answer

February 9th, 2011Posted by akassover in Insurance Agent Websites, Leads, Videos


Aaron Kassover here from AgentMethods talking about your insurance agent website.  I get asked a ton from agents that I talk to what I think of their website.  The truth is that I have lots of opinions about websites.  I have a lot of opinions on website design, on content, and really everything else, obviously, that’s why I’m here talking about it.  But I also see agents asking other agents, either on my forums or just in person, what these other agents think of their websites.  And I see that there are always lots of opinions.  We all have lots of opinions about websites.  Now, the truth is that our opinions don’t matter.  My opinion doesn’t matter.  The other agent’s opinion doesn’t matter.  The only opinion that matters about your website is your prospect’s opinion.  And so, rather than asking me or asking other agents, I always recommend talk to some prospects and see what they say.

I do know that no matter what, there are three questions that your site must answer.  There are three things your site must do to be successful.  We can always talk about if you do these three things or not.  So I want to talk to you for a couple of minutes today about what are the three questions that your prospect – that your site must answer for your prospects to be successful.  And those three questions, the first one your prospects are going to ask is, very simply, am I at the right place?  Is this website the right place?  And what they are asking is do you sell the kind of insurance they need to people like that.  There’s a trick to this method, they might not know exactly what they need and so you might need to do a little bit of education with them to show them what you sell and why they need it, but they need to know that you the sell the insurance they want, where they are in the states that they want, and you focus on the kind of market that they are.  For example, it might be self-employed people in Texas or seniors in Indiana.  Those are some examples.  If they don’t see that you sell to them, they’re at the wrong place.

Question number two is a really important question, which is very simply, do I trust this agent?  Looking at their website, is this the person I want to do business with?  Do I feel like they’re going to watch out for my best interest?  This is a matter of content, having the time to educate your visitors to show them that you’re there not just to make a sale, but to help them buy the right thing.  It’s a matter of having the right brand.  I always talk about putting a picture of yourself on your site and making sure that you look like a professional operation and not a fly-by-night operation.  And of course, quality, the quality of your site, and this just isn’t the quality of the content, but things like are there broken pages, are there images that are sort of squished and the wrong size, are fonts inconsistent, are things out of alignment?  Those kinds of quality issues on your site tell your visitors whether or not you are professional.

And the third question that you must ask – that you must answer – your prospects are going to ask you is really simply, “What do I do next?  I’m at the right place, I trust this agent, now what?”  So to address this, the first thing is make it really easy to contact you.  Put your phone number on every single page of your site.  Make sure that the button “Contact Us” is very clear.  If you want them to get a quote, make sure you have a very clear call-to-action to get a quote.  Ask for it at the end of your content, at the end of your articles, and make sure the answer “what to do next” stands out really clearly on every page so they know, now that they trust you, now that they know you sell what they want, how they proceed from here.

If you can answer these three questions, you’ll be a long ways toward being successful with your website.  It means a lot more than opinions and design, it means a lot more then opinions of other agents   Answer these three questions and you will be 90% of the way there.

So today’s assignment is simply take a look at your website and ask yourself do you tell your visitor if they’re at the right place?  Who do you sell to?  What do you sell to them?  Do you present a website that is trustworthy?  Is the content good?  Do you have your brand dialed in?  Is the quality of your site high quality?  And finally, do you tell them what to do next?  Is there a clear call-to-action?  Is your contact information everywhere on the site?  Do those three things, and we’ll talk more tomorrow.  Thank you.