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Video 1: Announcing our Video Blog Series on Online Insurance Marketing

January 31st, 2011Posted by akassover in Insurance Agent Websites, Videos


Hi; this is Aaron Kassover from AgentMethods.  I talk to agents like you everyday about online marketing in your website and search engines, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, really all of the things that go into generating your business, generating business through the web, getting prospects to you, closing those prospects, developing relationships with them, and retaining them.  What I found is that as we dig into things in these conversations, we start talking about what makes a great website, and that leads to conversations about HTML and servers and JavaScript and browsers.  And we talk about search engine optimization, which leads us to talk about keyword research and finding good key words and link building strategies and onsite optimization of title tags and header tags.

We talk about email marketing campaigns and how to track responses and test subject lines, do A/B testing, and pay-per-click campaigns and so on.  And what happens is that these conversations get very technical and very complex very fast.  And I found that for an agent who is just getting into online marketing, maybe has been doing it for a while, but wants to start taking it more seriously, that things can become very overwhelming.  That we talk about all the things there are to do, this whole realm of technology and the web, and it’s too much to do right away.  And so I’ve started to talk about this idea that the slow-and-steady agent wins the race online.

What I’ve seen is that agents that try to do everything at once will take off strong, but then they’ll stall fairly quickly because they can’t keep up the pace to get everything done.  But those agents who can take one step at a time, one day at a time, over the course of 30-60-90 days, six months will make huge progress.

So with that in mind, I’ve decided to start this web video blog where, from my home office here in Seattle, Washington, I’m just going to pick one thing every day, one bite-sized tip or something that you can do today and talk about it in this video blog.  And hopefully what we’ll do is in three minutes, four minutes tops, give you an idea that you can put into place right now, everyday, or hopefully everyday, and take you on the slow and steady path to a better website.  I’ll keep it nontechnical and keep it simple; obviously, I keep the production low   I’m sitting here using my web cam to record these videos, but hopefully it will be useful.

And so today’s assignment is really simple.  I want you to subscribe to our blog to get these updates everyday so that you can begin to make this progress, and you can do this two ways.  You can either go to blog.agentmethods.com and you can grab our RSS feed.  If you use the RSS reader, if you use Google reader, or something else, you can grab our RSS feed.  Or if you’re on our blog – I think it’s going to appear over here – you can sign up for email updates.  What that will do is everytime we post a new video, you’ll get an email update notifying you that it’s here to view.  And so, that’s the first step; start there and stay tuned for tomorrow where we’ll dig in.  Thank you.