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Want your insurance business to thrive? Know your niche.

June 23rd, 2016Posted by Aaron in Insurance Sales

For all practical purposes, travel agents died years ago. With the launch of online travel booking there’s no longer much of a reason to call up the local agent to buy a plane ticket or book a hotel room. So they’ve all gone out of business, right? Wrong.

While there are only about a third the number of travel agents today as there were at the peak (mid-90’s), they still account for $95 billion in revenue. And those that r…

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How to Get Your New Insurance Website Indexed In Google FAST

May 23rd, 2016Posted by Aaron in SEO

You’ve got a great new insurance website! Congratulations - it looks fantastic. Now, you just need to get people to it. It’s harder than it sounds. Fortunately, search engines are here to help. While optimizing your site for search engines is an ongoing process, you can still get your sites added to their index right away.

Google does a good job of discovering new sites… eventually. We’ve found ther…

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13 Places to Find Amazing Free Stock Photos to Use In Your Insurance Marketing

April 26th, 2016Posted by Aaron in insurance marketing

The easiest way to get noticed is by making a big visual impact. This works great for a tanglible products and services, but because insurance is intangible, you have to work a little harder. And to make matters even worse, insurance tends to be technically complicated and deal with a topic that people don’t want to talk about.

You need to find a way to add that missing visual impact to your ins…

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Want insurance leads from Social Networks? Here’s how to get them

April 14th, 2016Posted by Aaron in social networks, leads

The big social networks are an absolute gold mine of prospects for the modern insurance agent. No matter what market you focus on, they are active on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. And, they are waiting for a reason to come to your site, give you their information, and talk to you about insurance. You just have to know how to get them to act. Before I show you the solution, let’s take a closer look at the problem.


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When it comes to leads generated from insurance websites, speed matters. A LOT.

March 17th, 2016Posted by Aaron in insurance websites, leads

Let’s pretend you lost your headphones and want to replace them. You walk into a store with cash in hand. But rather than help you make your purchase and then get you on your way, the sales people make you wait…for an hour, or a day, or even longer. No matter how cheerfully they tell you “Thank you for visiting our store, we will do our best to respond to you within 24-48 hours!”, it’s not going to cut it. That store would lose…

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Why is a good headshot so important?

March 9th, 2016Posted by Dvora in insurance websites

A picture says 1000 words. This is especially true on your website, your business Facebook page, your LinkedIn profile and anywhere else online clients and prospects will see your picture. So, if your photo looks less than professional, think again about using it.

Yes, clients, prospects and for that matter, most of us tend to pick “pretty” people based on left-right symmetry of facial features and other superficial traits. Whil…

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The Rule of Seven - How this old advertising adage helps you sell more insurance

February 28th, 2016Posted by Aaron in sales, social media, agentmethods

There’s an old adage in marketing that a prospect needs to hear your marketing message or get exposure to your brand seven times before they’re convinced to take action. In other words, repetition doesn’t just work, it’s a requirement.

This is why Geico spends more than $500 million annually, mostly to repeat their name and the phrase “15 minutes can save you 15%” (even if they often can’t save a dime). To get an idea of j…

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AgentMethods launches our Online Concierge Program

January 28th, 2016Posted by Dvora in agentmethods

Imagine having a team of online marketing experts at your fingertips.

What would that mean to your insurance sales?

It’s here — our Online Concierge service providing insurance agents and agencies with a consistent and affordable way to manage outbound digital marketing services. Through the Online Concierge service, AgentMethods completely manages an agent’s website, blog, social …

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2015 - A year in review

December 30th, 2015Posted by Dvora in agentmethods

It has been a busy year here at AgentMethods, so it’s hard to believe 2015 is almost over. It was a year filled with enhancements to our AgentMethods platform and a year for major growth. Most important, you played the biggest part, helping make this year such a successful one.

Here are just a few of the highlights from the past year:

Launched AgentMethods Social which enables you to: