3 Great Tools for Extending Your Insurance Website

November 10, 2010 . 2 minute read | Posted by akassover tools

We talk with insurance agents like you everyday about ways to improve their website. There are three tools that keep coming up in conversation so I thought I would share them here. Best of all – each of these companies offers a great free service as well as an enhanced pay service.

1. Box.net – Simple, Secure File Sharing

Want to share a PDF or Powerpoint Presentation on your website? Want to make some of them password protected and others publicly available? Box.net is what you’re looking for. Box.net is a simple way to bring a file online. You control the file’s security and can even make it editable with the right permissions. Box.net offers a free plan with 5 GB of storage and several pay plans with more storage and features.

2. Wufoo – Easy, fast, and fun web forms

****Want to customize your quote form? Need to capture a few specific pieces of information from a prospect? Wufoo lets you easily create your own forms with any fields. It takes only a few minutes to set up. Once your form is ready, you can replace the stock AgentMethods quote form with your new Wufoo form (gold and platinum plans only). Wufoo gives you one form with 100 entries/month for free.

3. LiveChime – Instantly add live chat to your site

Interested in converting more of your website traffic into prospects? Of course you are! Research has shown that visitors are much more likely to fill out a form if they can first communicate with you anonymously. LiveChime lets your site visitors instantly contact you, giving you the chance to show them the level of service you offer. They’ll even send the chat questions to your mobile phone via SMS in case you’re away from your desk. Best of all, it’s amazingly easy to add to your site.