Add Your Agency to Google Local

July 31, 2009 . 2 minute read | Posted by akassover GoogleLinksTraffic

Looking for a fast way to show up high in relevant Google searches? Want to bring some local traffic to your website? Make sure your agency is listed properly in Google Local.

Google shows regional results at the top of their results pages. Because the search results are limited to a specific location, most of the competition you normally come across trying to rank in search engine results are automatically wiped out.

Here’s an example of what shows up when I search for “health insurance agent seattle”:


You can see that local results show up at the very top on a map.

Make sure you’re added to Google Local and that the information they have is correct. To claim your Google Local business listing, do the following steps:

  1. Sign into the Google Local Business Center. If you don’t have a Google Account, you’ll need to create one.
  2. Click on “Add a New Business”
  3. Fill out the form for your agency. Be sure to include your website and a description with keywords that people will use to search for you.
  4. After you click “Next”, Google will see if it already has you in its database. If it does, click on “Claim Listing” next to the right listing. Otherwise, click on “Add Listing”.
  5. You can now put in more details. Make sure you include a category (“health insurance”, etc.), a picture or logo, links to any videos you have on YouTube, and list the types of insurance you sell in additional details.
  6. Finally, Google will validate the information by either calling you or sending you a postcard.
  7. Click on “Finish” and you’re done!

Once your listing goes live, you’ll want to get some reviews. Positive reviews will help people that find you on Google Local know that you’re the right person to call. Make it a habit to follow up with happy customers and ask them to post a positive review.