Get listed on AgentNavigator’s Directory

January 20, 2011 . 1 minute read | Posted by akassover Links launched recently to create a comprehensive online reference for insurance agents. It’s an ambitious goal and their work so far has been impressive.

Today, they announced that they are adding an insurance agent directory to their site. The goal is to create a referral directory where agents can send prospects looking for coverage in states that the agent isn’t licensed. They’ll be charging for it soon, but are offering one free listing per state for each line of insurance.

There are a few requirements:

  1. You must be licensed for a minimum of two years
  2. You must be independent
  3. You will need to pick one line that you specialize in (life, health, senior, or P&C)
  4. You must list your carrier appointments in your listing

If you are interested in a free listing, send them an email at This is first come first serve and will be a great way to pick up some occasional business and a link back to your website.