Having an Agency Newsletter Helps increase Sales and Retention

October 24, 2011 . 5 minute read | Posted by akassover email

We’re always looking for ways to help agents use the Internet improve their insurance marketingI’ve talked about the importance of email marketing in the past. Email newsletters are a proven approach to growing your agency. They help you develop relationships, build trust, retain customers, and increase the number of policies you’ll sell to each of your customers. The problem is that writing a good newsletter is a TON of work. **

**We’ve been working with Insurance Newsletters to make it easier for AgentMethods agents to launch and manage an email newsletter program (more on that later). Joe Totah, owner of Insurance Newsletters, isn’t just an experienced marketer and entrepreneur; he’s also a former agency owner who has seen firsthand the power of email. So when Joe offered to explain some of the less-understood benefits of email newsletters, we jumped at the opportunity. We’re excited to offer this guest post directly from Joe Totah of Insurance Newsletters. *****Enter Joe….***

You probably don’t realize just how valuable your insurance newsletter is when it comes to prospecting, Account Rounding, Coverage Gaps, Client Retention and Referrals. Let’s look at each stage to get an idea of just how much difference an insurance newsletter can make.

Prospecting is never a fun task. Trying to find qualified leads, marketing yourself and buying lists can be expensive, time consuming and hit-or-miss in terms of your success rate. Newsletters are best used for your warm prospects; those who know you but are not ready to make the switch to move their policies for one reason or another. Having these prospects on your newsletter list helps establish yourself as the expert, changing your role with these people from salesperson to consultant, a much easier way to both sell coverage and close the deal. Articles can also trigger a prospect to call you about specific concerns, such as the E&O policy that they know they need, but didn’t know who to turn to until they read about it in your newsletter. Warm prospects are the absolute best potential clients; they are truly the people you want to make the most effort towards to put on your books.

It is difficult to determine the exact amount of sales directly attributed to your newsletter campaign. Often, that is because sales are made for many reasons—not just because of one single part of your sales process. But when you have a newsletter to use as a leave-behind that shows your knowledge of a subject matter, your authority within the industry and your dedication to keeping your clients informed, it can definitely be that final push that encourages prospects to pull the trigger.

Account Rounding
One-line accounts will sooner or later consolidate all their accounts with one agency, and they will do it with the agency they believe is better suited to handle their insurance. An Agency Newsletter can actually help round these types of accounts for you. Choosing the right articles can introduce them to insurance products they never realized they needed or knew you offered. Competition is fierce, and the competing agency is looking to round out a mutual clients account with their agency, but which agency has the image of being more well-rounded in the client’s mind – your agency or the competing agency? Who is the expert and who is talking about different insurance products?

Coverage Gaps
Newsletter articles are also a great way to point out coverage gaps without applying any sales pressure to your client base. How many clients do you know that should have an umbrella policy, but don’t? It is also a good way to point out what may not be covered, such as exclusions for flood incidents. Without newsletter articles, your clients might never know about or ask about gaps in their coverage.

Client Retention
Finding a client and making a sale is one step. Client persistency is another. When you have dedicated clients who want to keep you as their agent, not only do you have less to worry about in terms of commission chargebacks, but you also get word-of-mouth referrals that put a gigantic foot in the door of your clients’ friends and family members. Every well-managed agency knows they need to keep their name in front of their client. Newsletters are great for this because it tells the client that you want keep them informed, and it also helps build your professional image. Many people do not even know who their agent is, so a newsletter not only keeps the name recognition in front of your clients, but the professional image helps make your agency bullet proof from the competition.

Why would any of your clients want to refer business to you if they barely know you or they don’t see your name too often? Well-managed agencies are always keeping their name in front of others, and a newsletter does this plus a lot more. Clients can refer you with confidence, rather than just passing a name along. People also pass your newsletter along and this can go a long way when it is associated with a referral.

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