Helpful tips to manage your insurance agency lead generation efforts

August 25, 2009 . 2 minute read | Posted by akassover lead-management

Leads are critical to the health of every business, but this is especially true in the insurance industry.  Here is a short checklist to help you manage and stay on top of your leads management program.

  1. Send requested information immediately. Prospects have their own agenda and timeline, so you need to be ready to strike while the opportunity allows. Respond to inquires within 12 hours — actually the faster the better.  Remember, your prospects aren’t sitting and waiting to hear from you.
  2. Have your materials ready in advance to send to different types of inquires. Keep all versions of your materials current — electronic and print. Make sure that you have all the information you need so that you can email or mail the appropriate information that same day.
  3. Capture all inquires in a database for ongoing lead management.
  4. Update your prospects’ information in real time or a soon as possible. You don’t want to send the wrong information to your prospects or use  the wrong contact information.
  5. Avoid bombarding your prospects with multiples of the same postcards, letters or emails. Keep the information current and relevant.
  6. Develop a game plan for what type of information to send your prospects — it can be a combination of branding materials to build relationships and product-specific mailings.  Remember, your prospects will appreciate receiving coverage and product information that will help them make their insurance-related decisions.
  7. Measure and track the results of your various sales lead generation programs. Determine which lead programs generate the greatest ROI.
  8. Refine your lead generation programs so the results continue to improve.

Never lose sight of the importance of your sales lead generation and development process to your insurance agency. Leads are the life blood of your business, so remember to keep your lead programs as healthy as possible.