How to Boost Your Agent Website’s Traffic

July 31, 2009 . 2 minute read | Posted by akassover Insurance Agent WebsitesLinksSEOTraffic

Having a website is valuable for your insurance agency because your audience is often on the web. According to a recent report by the Pew Research Center, about eight in ten Americans say they go online every day. More than 28% of U.S. adults almost always use the Internet. Most consumers also see small businesses with websites as more credible than those without one.

With over 63,000 searches per second happening on Google every day, you may be missing out on customers who are looking for your services online. Apart from making sure your insurance agency has a good website design, you should also ensure that it’s easy to find on search engines. But what makes a website Google-friendly?

  • Mobile-Friendly - Your website should adapt its size and structure quickly to any device’s screen, whether it’s a 42” TV or a 6” smartphone display. Google now ranks mobile-friendly sites higher on its search results, as confirmation that they’re convenient and fast for users to navigate.

  • The Right Keywords – When your customers search for your services on Google, the search term they use may look something like this: insurance agent in [area]. The search engine then displays websites with the words “insurance agent” from businesses in the area that the customer is searching. These are called keywords, and you should insert them in your site’s content so Google can easily pick it up.

  • A Great Blog – Your website should also have a well-researched and well-written copy and blog posts, as Google wants to provide users with informative, accurate, and original content. Combine this with the right keywords, and you’ll definitely move up the search results.

In this digital era, if your insurance business isn’t online, it doesn’t exist. As such, your agent website should not only be well-designed but also be easy to find. Apply these search-friendly qualities to your site and post original and relevant content regularly. With enough time and effort, your website can become your primary source of leads and conversions.