New Feature: Customize Your Quote Page and Leads Manager to Reflect Your Business

April 7, 2011 . 2 minute read | Posted by akassover Insurance Agent WebsitesLead management

Yesterday we launched an improvement to the AgentMethods website builder. You can now customize the list of insurance products on your quote form and in the leads manager. Watch a one-minute overview:

Make your website as unique as your agency
Every insurance agent’s business is different. Whether you focus on a specific market, such as the senior market, golf courses, or small businesses, or a specific type of insurance such as life, health, or P&C, you need to customize your product list to meet your needs. With yesterday’s change, you can now easily add, edit, remove, and reorder the insurance products on your list.

Keep better track of your leads
This update makes our leads manager tool more powerful. As always, you can track your leads based on their product interest. This lets you filter your list by specific product, where you can export targeted lists for marketing campaigns. If you haven’t been using the Leads Manager to track and manage your prospects, give it a try! It’s fast, simple, and effective.

Give it a try!
Log in to your AgentMethods account now to give it a try! Once you log in, go to Leads > Settings to customize your products. We hope you find this useful!