Turning your AgentMethods website into an interactive tool

November 11, 2010 . 2 minute read | Posted by akassover Insurance Agent Websitesleads

Now that you have your website live, it’s time to introduce it to your customers and prospects.  A great way to engage with your customers on your site is to ask them for feedback on what type of information they would like to see on your site.

Everyone likes knowing that their opinion is valued.  You added the  content that you think will be valuable to your customers and prospects, but what do they think?  When you send your email inviting them to visit your site, turn it into an interactive experience.  Find out if the content was helpful and what other type of information they are looking for. Then, once you’ve updated  your site you can call and let them know about the changes and updates you’ve made.  So, not only are you engaging your customers and prospects, you are also creating an opportunity to call and touch base, turning a visit to a new website into a personalized experience.

In case your wondering how to get this conversation going here is a sample email

Dear (Name),

I’m excited to announce that I’ve recently launched a  new website (repeat web address). I’m working hard to make the site a valuable resource where you can learn about different types of insurance and your options. My goal is to keep the site fresh and continue to add more content.

I need your help with my website.  I want to hear from you about what type of information you would find helpful. Remember, this site is for you. Can you take a minute to visit the site and then let me know what  you else would like to see on it? I’ll get back to you when I made the updates.

Thanks in advance,

(Your name)

Send an email like this to everyone when you launch your new site. At worst, you’ll remind people about your service, but at best, you’ll discover an unmet need in one of your prospects that you can fulfill!