Video 21: Selecting a Domain Name for Your Insurance Website

February 28, 2011 . 4 minute read | Posted by akassover Domain NamesVideos

Transcript: Hi, it’s Aaron Kassover from AgentMethods.  I want to talk today a bit about domain names and some strategies you can use for choosing a good domain name for your insurance website.  Now, there are basically four approaches I see agents choose when picking a domain name.  Let me go through each of them and talk about the pros and cons and just some of my thoughts on the four options.

The first choice is to pick a domain name really based on your individual name.  This might be something like Aaron Kassover Insurance or Aaron is My Agent or Insurance by Aaron.  Using a domain name that has your name is a great approach if you tend to sell based on face-to-face relationships, lots of personal contacts, where people really think of you as their agent, if they tend to tell people to call Aaron and not call a certain agency name.

The second option is to use your agency or your business name in the domain name.  So something like or, if your agency is called Lighthouse, of course.  This works really well if you’re a larger agency, if you have multiple agents working in an agency, or if you really sort of take the agency service selling approach where you communicate that there’s an agency here and it’s not just an individual agent that helps you, but there’s a team of people, If you brand yourself through the agency.  We tend to see more P&C agencies doing the business name and more Life and Health really focusing on the individual relationships.  That’s sort of a soft delineation among these two.

The third choice – I have a typo here – is to go for a keyword-rich domain name, so if there are some keywords that you’re targeting.  We know that search engines often will prioritize domain names that have certain keywords in them for phrases for those keywords.  You might go for Texaslifeinsurance or, if you’re focusing on those keywords, because you get a greater opportunity to have the keywords right on the domain name.  They’ll be on every page on your site.

Now this works well if you’re focusing on search engine optimization as a primary lead generation strategy.  It tends to get deluded when you’re doing more face-to-face marketing or other types of online marketing besides search engines because simply people forget what exactly your domain name is and especially as they get harder and harder to come by. – it’s going to be pretty hard to remember and there’s a good chance they’re going to type it in wrong and go somewhere else.  So I would be a little bit wary of this strategy unless it really is your primary focus for generating traffic to your site.

The last way is going for sort of a name.  We’ve seen a lot of success from online agencies like eHealthInsurance and, eFinancial; lots of “e” websites.  It’s tempting to go and follow their lead and to maybe get or,, and while it is sort of a way to show this website, what tends to happen is, because you don’t have the brand recognition of and you don’t have the personal connection of having your name or your business name in the domain name, it tends to be hard to overcome consumer trust if you take this name approach.

You don’t really have the reinforcement of showing there’s a real person here, there’s a real agency here; you’re just a website.  Unless you can invest a lot of money and a lot of time in having a really, really robust, really content rich, really sophisticated website, you’re going to look more like a fly-by-night operation that’s sort of hiding behind a fake domain name than you are looking like a real legitimate business outfit.  My recommendation is to really steer clear of these sounding domain names.

So there are four approaches, different strategies for different types of marketing you’re doing.  Hope it helps you look for a domain name that works for you and your agency or your approach to selling.  We’ll have more on domain names in the next couple of days.  Thank you for watching.