Video 23: Using Insurance Keywords in Your Domain

March 2, 2011 . 4 minute read | Posted by akassover Domain NamesGoogleSEOVideos


Hi, it’s Aaron Kassover from AgentMethods talking a little more about domain names.  Now, I mentioned a couple of days ago that one strategy you can use in your domain name is to find a keyword-rich domain name and point that to your website because you’ll get sort of an added edge for search engine results for those keywords.  I talked to a lot of agents who’ve heard this and asked me about strategy of, “Can I go and register a bunch of domain names and have those all point back to my site?”  So I want to talk today about that strategy and let you know kind of if it works and if not.

*We know that search engines look at the keywords in your URL to index what your page is about, and they prioritize the domain name as being sort of the key set of keywords for your site.  So it seems like having good keywords in your domain name can really help you with your SEO and your search engine rankings.  We know that search engines go and they crawl sites and they grab the content of your site and that they look at the URL of that site.  Now, if you were to take a page in your site and make an exact copy someplace else, that page would have a different URL, but it would have the exact same content.  So the search engine goes and indexes it, it’s going to see that it’s a separate page, but it’s going to compare the content of its page to your index or to their index and they’re going to see, “Oh we already have this page indexed.”  So then they’ll go and they will rank the two pages and see which one has more authority and they’ll prioritize that page.  It’s called the Duplicate Content Penalty, where duplicate content doesn’t get ranked as highly because it’s competing with itself. *

If we are to go and buy a bunch of domain names – this is domain one, domain two – a bunch of keyword-rich domain names and point them all back to our site, do we get search engine benefit from this?  Now, search engines are going to see the different domain names and the pages in them as being different URLs and, therefore, different pieces of content.  And so what they’re going to do is they’re going to take domain one and they’re going to compare its authority to domain two and decide which one they show up.  So by adding multiple domain names, what you’re essentially doing is forcing your site to be penalized for the duplicate content penalty because they’ll see the different domain names as being different sites with the same content.

*By having different domain names, even if they are keyword-rich, you’re actually going to run the risk of hurting your site’s efforts as opposed to helping it.  There is an exception to this, which is that if you think you have domain names that people will just type in and these are those great domain names, things like where people just type in insurance or if they type in, if you have a bunch of these domain names and you want to point them to your site that’s okay, you’ll get traffic, but if you’re really looking for this as a search engine optimization strategy, it’s probably not going to work. *

So keep that in mind.  I really don’t recommend this.  Find one good domain, stick with it.  Make sure your link building always goes to that same domain, so you’re not really competing against yourself with a duplicate content penalty.

I hope that answers the question.  That’s what I’ve got for domain names.  We’re going to be moving on to a new topic for a couple of days tomorrow.  Thank you for watching.