Video 28: Keeping an Eye on Your Competition Part III – Stealing Insurance Backlinks from Your Competition

March 9, 2011 . 5 minute read | Posted by akassover CompetitionLinksVideos


Hello, it’s Aaron Kassover from AgentMethods.  I want to talk a little more about checking out your competition.  I want to show you a trick today that will help you get some backlinks.  Now, a couple of days ago, I talked about how you can do a search on search engines like Google and Yahoo and then you can use the link qualifier in your search to see backlinks that are coming back to that site.  So I want to show you how you can go through and use that to get some backlinks for ourselves.

Let’s go back to the browser.  We’ll stick with our example of Colorado Health Insurance.  I showed you if we do a search for that, Colorado Health Insurance here, this site shows at the top.  We were able to take the site and go into both Google and Yahoo and do a search using the link qualifier to see links back to the site.  Now, Google gives us 16 different links back to the site colohealth – this is the number one rated site for the phrase Colorado Health Insurance.  If that’s a phrase that we want to go for, we might think that well maybe, we should get some of the same links back to our site.

Now, what we can do is really just simply go through these links one at a time opening them up.  So we’ll start with this first one and look to see what the link is and if there’s a way to add a link ourselves.  If we look here, we’re going to find that, okay here’s a link back to Colorado Health Insurance, and it looks like this is a Fort Collins insurance company’s directory.  So if we dig around here somewhere, go back to the home page maybe, we might find a way to add a site.  I’m pretty sure it’s on here somewhere.  Linking information – okay, so here we go, instructions on how to add our link.

So all we need to do is just follow these instructions.  They tell us to – if you want to get your link added or removed, please email LoneCat.  So we just click on here and send them an email and see about adding a link to that site.  Now, what we want to do is just basically go through each one of the sites that are linking to the site we’re interested in.  We’ll go through here, the next one Denver Plastic Surgeons, to see if there’s something there.  A lot of these you’re going to find are either articles that have been prewritten or in this case, it looks like the link is here grouped together with some plastic surgeons and other kind of medical links.  My guess is what’s going on here is when you see links that are appearing sort of on the side of a page that don’t make a lot of sense, they’re kind of just there, they are probably links that are being purchased.  There are services like Text Link Ads where you can just go and buy a link back to your site and they put a group of five or six links back using these keywords here.  So that’s probably what we’re seeing here on this page.  We’ll just go through all of the pages here, one at a time, and we’ll probably find three, four, five pages that we can get links back to our site just by submitting through a form or submitting through an email and start to build links back like did.

Now, once you’re done with them, you’ll probably want to go through and choose the second site and do the same thing for it;, and then the third, and just work our way down one at a time through the rankings of the keywords that we’re targeting, tracking each of these sites, going through all of their backlinks.

Now, I showed you before how Google reduces the number of backlinks they show.  And just to not drive yourself crazy, I would start by going through to the backlinks on Google and then go over to backlinks on Yahoo.  Yahoo, I think, showed 8,000 backlinks for this domain.  You’re going to have a lot more to go through, a lot more junk.  They also index if they’re doing a pay-per-click campaign.  Yahoo will often catch those links on pay-per-click ads and they’ll show them and when you go back and look, you won’t find them later.  So start with Google.  Go through all of the websites for keywords you’re targeting, and see if you can get some backlinks just by using that link tag for each of the sites that are showing up.

I think it’s a great way to go and if you spend a couple of hours a week doing this through the phrases you’re targeting, you’ll really begin to develop some pretty good backlinks and it can really help you to rank with these phrases where you’re kind of, in a sense, stealing the competitions backlinks from them.

So that’s what I have for today.  Tomorrow I’m going to show you just a quick trip to spearhead all of this and then we’ll move on to new topics.  Thanks and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.