Video 31: The Make-Or-Break Factor of Every Insurance Website

March 14, 2011 . 5 minute read | Posted by akassover BusinessCompetitionContentInsurance Agent WebsitesSEOVideos

In case you want the full details, take a look at the post from Google’s blog announcing the update.


*Hello, it’s Aaron Kassover from AgentMethods talking about insurance websites.  Now, a couple of weeks ago, Google announced they had made a pretty significant update to their search algorithm.  People are calling this the “farmer update,” and the reason why, is this update was targeting content farms and people who were using tricks and software to generate lots of low-quality content.  These might be sites that are maybe article syndication where people were spinning content or maybe they were just really kind of lightweight how-to content.  So they did this update and what they’re telling us is that it affects about 12% of searches.  From their blog post, let me tell you what their goal update was, and they say, “Our goal is simple:  to give people the most relevant answer to their queries as quickly as possible.  This requires constant tuning of algorithms as new content, both good and bad, comes online all the time.” *

What they say here is they want to give people the most relevant answers to their queries as possible, so they’re systematically finding ways to get rid of bad content.  What happened with this update, really overnight, entire businesses were turned upside down.  This affected about 12% of searches and there are sites that just totally rely on Google serving up low-quality content.  And for them, they were shutdown by this change.  Now hopefully, you weren’t affected.  Hopefully you’re not using spun content or low-quality content on your site, so it didn’t really affect you, but it shows you the power that a few major corporations have, the big search engines, in really controlling who succeeds and who doesn’t on the web.

It’s this unfortunate truth that nobody can control Google’s algorithm besides Google.  Nobody can guarantee your ranking in Google besides Google.  So really, if you’re a 100% dependent on a specific tactic or trick that is driving people to your site, you are fundamentally at risk.  Now, going back to what they say which is to provide the most relevant answers to a query as quickly as possible, there are some things that you can do to protect yourself and this really goes back to the basics.  What it is, is not trying to have the highest page rank, it’s not trying to have the most backlinks, it’s not trying to have the most flash or flash design.  It’s simply having the best content, the most relevant answer to a query.

It comes down to quality content.  What this means for you, and kind of getting back on topic of insurance websites, is that ultimately SEO, search engine optimization, is really simple, really simple.  Provide great content that addresses your prospects’ needs relevant insurance that you sell that’s educational and informative, and that people want to link to and share.  Really if you do that, if you just focus on content, everything else in the long term will fall into place.

*So that’s your challenge.  That’s what your ultimate job is with your website is to provide the best content you possibly can, to provide the most informative, the most relevant content, to figure out what it is that your prospects are asking for, what questions they have about insurance, what do they need to know, how can you help them, how can you teach them, and put that on your site.  Great content.  And if you do that, in the long term you’ll be successful.  If you don’t do that, sooner or later the search engines will find you and they will change their algorithms and they’ll make sure that your site gets cut from search results. *

It’s really as simple as that.  Go and spend some time how can you make your content better, how can you make your site more relevant to your audience, how can you provide better information than everybody else, what makes your site unique, and zero in with a laser-like focus on that thing, the thing that makes you unique, the thing that makes you better, and really communicate really well.  Do that; you’ll be successful.  If you don’t; sooner or later you’ll start to see your site drop.  It’s really simple.

So that’s what I have for today and I talk a little more about protecting your business, diversifying your traffic, and really making sure that if the algorithm changes in a way that might affect you that you won’t find yourselves like some sites did in this last update, and just be without traffic overnight, in the next couple of days.

*That’s what I have today.  Thank you, and I’ll have more tomorrow. *