Video 35: Encourage Referrals Through Tell-a-Friend- Links on Your Insurance Website

March 18, 2011 . 5 minute read | Posted by akassover GoogleInsurance Agent WebsitesLead managementTrafficVideos

Thanks to Bob Naples at RF Naples – North Carolina Health Insurance for letting me share this great idea! Here’s what a mailto link’s HTML looks like:


And here’s a tell-a-friend button you can use on your site:


Hi, it’s Aaron Kassover from AgentMethods.  We’re talking about insurance websites and in the past few days, we’ve been talking about other ways to get traffic besides search engines.  We’re running with this whole scenario of what happened if they changed their algorithm overnight and suddenly you weren’t showing up and all the work that you’d done for search engine optimization was just erased.  What would you do?  Sort of my advice has been to make sure you’re diversifying your traffic to your site.  Search engines are great, but they are only one way to go.

I want to show you a really cool, little trick, a little technique that I saw one of our customers, one of our AgentMethods customers using.  This is something that Bob Naples is using on his website which is to just simply create a button to “tell a friend” and then make that button open up an email, so people can just click on it, and send an email to their friend about your website.  It’s so simple, it’s so easy.  So let’s take a look at the browser and I’ll show you how it works.

We are looking at Robert Naples Insurance,, Bob’s website.  He has created this page, this “Tell-A-Friend” page.  When you click on this button, all it does is just pop up an email.  In his case, the To: is blank, so I’d type in the person I’d forward it to, the CC:, he has included himself, and then he’s added a Subject line “Check out this Site”, and then simply the link to his website; so simple.

So the way this works – let me switch over so you can see what the HTML looks like – and so this is basically what a mail to link consists of.  You can see that we’ve got normal <a href= that we see in all links, but then everything from there on is different.  It begins instead of saying HTTP://, it says [mailto:email address], then after that there is a ‘?’ and then you can put some more stuff here.  You can put in a cc: if you want to cc: an email like Bob is cc: himself.  You do a bcc: and then you can add a subject to the email and you can even add a body.

Now, you’ll see here that in the case of the subject and the body, instead of having spaces, you add this %20; that’s sort of the escape character for a space.  So I mentioned that you put in what you want and then add a %20 as a space, but that’s really all it is.  Basically, when you create a link, instead of putting in an HTTP:// website, you just put in this [mailto:email address] and then a ‘?’ and the other qualifiers.  I’ll post this in the comments so you can take a look at it.

Let’s just go and do a quick example.  I’ll show you how you can apply this to an AgentMethods site.  So we’re logged in to my site and I’ve created this page just like Bob did, “Tell-A-Friend”, but there’s nothing here yet.  I’m going to go into the AgentMethods Admin and here’s the page and so I’ll edit it.  The first thing that I’m going to do is just insert the image that is that button, so I’ve got a link to it here.  And again, I’ll put a link to this button and the comments on this.  So I’ll click on “insert image,” put an image URL, I can add the description tag, “Tell-A-Friend”, go ahead and insert that.  The next thing I do is I select to highlight the image.  I click on the link button, and what I’ll do here is just paste that link from my notes, paste the part in the quotes which is what would be the HTTP, but instead is the mailto.  So I’m going to copy, go back and paste, insert, and then save.

Now, we go back, we’ll refresh this page; there’s our button.  As you can see when I click on it, it is a mailto link and now I just opened up this blank email.  You can see I just have the To:, CC:, and From: name at  So you want to go there and replace those with what you want and the same with the subject and body.  It’s super simple.  I can go and do this on really any page in my site.  I can now add this little button, “Tell-A-Friend About This Website.  It’s a simple way to ask people to show your site.  This is a great way to increase referrals, take your traffic, and get people to forward it on.  Might not happen a lot, but it will happen and it makes it a lot easier for your visitor than cutting and pasting the site URL, opening up your email program, and pasting it in there.

So this is a really cool little technique.  Give it a try; I think it will work well for you.  That’s what I have for today.  I will have more about insurance websites for you tomorrow.  Thank you for watching.