Video 36: Position Your Website So You’re Not Too Late for the Sale

March 21, 2011 . 5 minute read | Posted by akassover Insurance Agent WebsitesLeadsVideos


*Hi, it’s Aaron Kassover from AgentMethods.  I’m back at the white board today; haven’t drawn any pictures for you in a while, so I figured I come over here and talk a little more about insurance websites.  First, I want to tell a quick story.  Several years ago, I was running a previous business and an advisor of mine and I were having lunch, and I was talking with him about a key hire that we wanted to make.  We just really weren’t quite sure when the time would be right to make this key hire.  He gave me some advice which I think really, really makes a lot of sense for a lot of things, which is that there are basically three things that can happen.  One is that you can make this key hire at the exact right point in time, the exact day, the exact hour, and really have a start of the perfect day.  Or you could be too late, you could have it happen too late, or you could have it happen too early.  It’s pretty straightforward, right? *

So his point was that the chances of getting the exact right point in time just perfectly, the chances of that were almost null; there’s almost not chance of nailing this.  So he said, “Really, do you want to be too late and have this happen too late or a little too early?”  His recommendation was to try to do things a little before you need to.  I think the same thing applies to selling insurance on the web.  Of course.  When you think about prospects, do you want to reach out enough to the prospect at the exact point that they are ready to buy an insurance policy?  Well, yeah, you do.  You really want to nail this point if you can because this is when they’re going to go out and get a quote.  You don’t want to be too late because they’ve already bought, but in reality, the chances of getting this exactly right are pretty slim.  Search engines will help you, but really all of their marketing happens in this early point and kind of before they’re going to buy.

*When thinking about your website, there is so much talk about online quoting, but there are other things that you can do before that point in time, kind of in the early stage, to make sure that when it comes to the point when they want the quote that they go to you.  This is all about relationship building, trust building, even just general awareness, letting them know that you exist and are in business, of course education.  The more you can do these things early on, the better chance when they get to this exact point that they will be there for you. *

Now, there are some things that you can do later, as well, and this is that whole up selling, servicing, referral building that happen after the sell, but I think it’s just really important to remember that there’s a lot that you can do before the time of the quote to really get people to you, to develop relationships, so that when it comes time to make the sale, they are there.  In all honesty, this is really exactly what I’m doing with these videos.  Now, I know that our business is to help insurance agents build websites, but the chances of you needing a website right now, today, at this point are pretty slim.  In fact, you probably already have a site; it’s probably too late for me.  But if I can develop a relationship, develop trust, help educate you, maybe when the time comes around next time, you’ll know about us and you’ll think of us and that we’ll kind of be there for you.  So this is a strategy that we’re putting in place, too.

I think it’s worth thinking about, it’s worth keeping in mind, you know, how you get earlier in the sell.  How do you go before they’re going to go to the Google search engine and start just randomly typing in things?  How do you make sure that you’re the one that is the incumbent when it comes time for your prospects to buy?  Think about those on your website.  Think about building relationships, building trust, increasing awareness, and, of course, educating your prospects so that you’re there for them when the time is right.

That’s what I have for today.  I think it’s sort of a conception thing to think about, but it can really get you to some very concrete stuff you can do on your website.  I’ll talk a little more about some of those concrete things in the coming days.  That’s what I have, of course, and I’ll have more tomorrow.  Thank you very much.