Video 37: Promoting Your Insurance Website: Crazy Ideas from Other Industries

March 22, 2011 . 5 minute read | Posted by akassover BusinessInsurance Agent WebsitesSocial MediaTrafficVideos


Hi, it’s Aaron Kassover from AgentMethods talking about insurance agent websites.  Yesterday, I was talking about this idea that there’s a very specific point in time that your prospects are actually looking to buy and the chances of getting them at that instance are really small; you have to be really super precise to do that.  And that you have a much better chance if you can get them before they are ready to buy; if you can create this awareness.  So I thought today I’d show you some kind of off the wall examples from some other industries of people who are doing some very nontraditional things to getting people to be exposed to their brand, to come to their website, and to just be aware of them so when they are ready to buy that they know who they are.

The first one I want to talk to you about is this guy, Greg Shaw.  Greg Shaw is also known as Mr. Magnolia.  Mr. Magnolia is a realtor in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle where I live.  He has a hobby, besides real estate, which is growing massive pumpkins like 1,200 lb. pumpkins.  He grows them in his front yard just right off the street and this, of course, attracts quite a crowd.  People come by and they take a look at these pumpkins.  Let me show you some things that he’s done to turn this hobby into a way to promote his real estate business.

Looking at the browser, this is his website.  It’s pretty straightforward.  A normal realtor website of things you expect to see.  But if you scroll down, you see this live pumpkin cam.  He actually has signs in front of his house promoting this  Here I’ll show you a picture of what his house looks like in the fall.  This is taken kind of late in the summer.  You can see these massive pumpkins.  These aren’t the biggest ones; some of them get as big as a Volkswagen Bug, and it attracts a crowd.  He’s got this sign that says and you go there and you can actually watch the pumpkins grow.  Of course, it’s just dirt right now because it’s middle of March, but you do see also that he’s got this community information for Magnolia real estate listings visit  If you click on this, it takes you back to his website.

There are a few things that are going on here.  One is that all of the local neighborhood newspapers write about this every year.  He gets written up, talked about, gets tons of press, and second, he gets a bunch of backlinks to this that goes back to his site.  Just by turning his hobby into something he’s doing in the front yard, he is getting tremendous traffic back to his website.  Everybody in the neighborhood knows who he is.  Most people kind of in this region of Seattle know this guy and it’s all because he’s taken a hobby and kind of exposed it online.  It’s really kind of funny.

*The second one that I want to show you is a totally different industry.  This is a company called Blue Sky Soda.  And I came across the marketing rep for the northwest, the Blue Sky Soda, at an event.  One of my hobbies is back country snow boarding and same with this guy.  We were taking avalanche class and he was just taking photos.  Taking photos of everybody there.  Taking photos of the mountain.  Taking photos when we went on our field trips.  He made sure that we all got his business card and said, “Hey, I’m taking photos of all these things; I’m going to put them on our Facebook page.”  So here’s his Facebook page.  He’s got a whole bunch of photos of an avalanche trip; nothing to do with what he’s selling, but he’s just going out and he’s promoting his website, promoting his Facebook page, by taking pictures of everybody. *

This is actually pretty easy to do.  You could just, you know if you’re at your kid’s little league game, or if you’re at the neighborhood block party, or you’re at the church event, the church social, take your camera out.  Snap a whole bunch of photos and hand your business card out and say, “I’m going to put photos of this event on my website, come check it out.”  It’s so simple, but it gets people to kind of know who you are, gets them to come to your site, and they’ll start to make that connection between you and insurance, so that later on when they’re ready to buy, they know about you, they know who you are.  I think the Bruce guy example, taking pictures of an avalanche class, the pumpkin cam, are some pretty creative marketing tactics, but they work.  And it’s kind of equivalent of the olden days of sponsoring the little league team so they all have your name on the jersey.  We don’t do that anymore probably, but we can do something very similar at almost no cost to get traffic to our website online.

So these are some crazy ideas.  I’d be interested in hearing what you think of these things.  Maybe there’s a way you can apply this and if you put it to work, let me know; it would be cool to see.

That’s what I have for today.  I will, of course, have more about insurance agent websites and how you can grow your business online tomorrow.  Thank you very much for watching.