Video 57: How to Create a Highly Customized Insurance Quote Form

April 19, 2011 . 6 minute read | Posted by akassover Insurance Agent WebsitesLeadsVideos

Transcript:* Hi, it’s Aaron from AgentMethods talking about insurance agent websites, and as our customers know, we provide a quote form with all of our websites out of the box.  And we’ve kept the quote form really simple.  We ask basic information, name, state, birthday, marital status, and email and a phone number, and then product interest just to keep it really easy to fill out.  And our philosophy is that let people submit the form and then you can contact them, whereas if you give them a really long complex form, they’re not going to fill it out; you won’t ever get the lead.  So get the lead and then follow-up as opposed to lose the lead all together.*

Now, there might be some situations where you want to customize the form, and I’ve shown you recently the new feature we’ve got where you can actually add new products to your form.  But let’s say you want to go even beyond that, that you want to capture information specific to your product, maybe it’s age and health information for life insurance, or you want capture a make, model, and year for a car to be able to run a quote for an auto policy.  And these are things that our form doesn’t do.  And so I want to show you a tool you can use that allows you to build forms and embed them into your website, and it’s really easy and it’s really cool.  It’s called Wufoo, and let’s go to the browser and I’ll give you kind of a [inaudible 01:21].

So we’re looking right now at the default AgentMethods form, and you can see it’s really simple, it’s really kind of short and quick to fill out.  But there are some limitations.  So we can go over to Wufoo.  Basically, if you can think it up on a form, you can do it in Wufoo.  And they make it really easy.  You just drag and drop.  So, for example, if I wanted to add an address form, I can just drag it here underneath name, address block, and it appears instantly.  I can also create custom questions and things like type of insurance, I’ve added these.  I can go in and edit any of these choices.  It’s just really a matter of dragging and dropping.

I can also create rules.  So, for example, if I only want to show the spouse information if they select that they’re married, I can create a rule that will do that.  Or, if they choose auto insurance, I can show the make, model, and year questions for the car.  So I can make some really pretty cool, pretty dynamic forms using this tool.  When I’m ready to put the form on my website, Wufoo gives us a embed code.  And so I just go and I grab this and I will copy it.  So I go into AgentMethods into the content section and go where I want the form to live, and I just go “create a new page.”  And so we’ll just call this Quote Form.  And all I do is click on the HTML button and then paste in that code that Wufoo gave us.  I’m going to paste that in, update this, save my changes, and take the page live.  So now if we go back to my site and browse to that page, you’ll see that here’s that quote form embedded straight from Wufoo just the way I built it and it’s got those things like if I select “married,” you’ll see that the spouse information shows up.  If I say, “auto insurance,” the make, model, and year show up.  And so it really is that cool dynamic form.

*Now, I can even go one step further where I can make this my default quote form for all pages in my site.  And the way I do this is I copy the URL of the page and I go back into AgentMethods to the “account” tab and scroll down under website settings where it says “quote form” and I just say forward quote form to another page.  And in this space, I paste in the URL of the quote form.  And now I save these settings, and if I go back to my website, what this does is anytime somebody clicks on a quote button, like right here “get a quote now,” it automatically redirects straight to that quote form that I built through Wufoo.  And so this will work all throughout the site.  I’ve now just completely replaced my stock AgentMethods quote form with a customized quote form that I’ve made through Wufoo. *

*So you can see that this is a really powerful tool.  You can create multi-page quote forms, so if you want to just first capture their email and phone number and then start asking more question, you can do that.  You can create it as I showed before.  Rules only show information if they answer the right questions.  It will only show spouse information if they say their married, or only show life insurance questions if they say they want life insurance.  And you can also set up what happens with the information once they fill it out.  If they get email to copy, if they get email to thank you, or what other action you want to happen once they submit the form.  You can even, after they fill out the information, forward them onto a quote system or some other place where they can then go and live quote.  It’s really cool, it’s really easy.  I recommend going in and playing with it.  If you want to do more with your quote form, Wufoo is a great tool.  They even have a free plan where if you do less than 100 entries per month, you get less than 100 leads from your website, you could have this just totally for free.  So if you’re looking to advance your quote form at all, this is how you do it. *

If you do add a custom quote form, I’d really be interested in seeing it.  I want to learn more about how agents are using their quote forms so that we can continue to build out tool to make it better.  So if you do build a custom quote form, shoot me an email or drop me a comment so I can take a look at it.  I really appreciate.  I will, of course, have more on insurance websites tomorrow.  Thank you for watching.