Video 62: If You’re Building Links, You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

April 26, 2011 . 5 minute read | Posted by akassover Insurance Agent WebsitesLinksSEOVideos

Here’s the video I mentioned that explains NoFollow links.


*Hi, it’s Aaron from AgentMethods.  Check out the new shirt.  We now have AgentMethods shirts in both colors, black and white, and this is obviously the new model, the white model.  I want to talk today about link building to your insurance website.  And I talked in the past about talked in past about the importance of backlinks to your website, how they’re essentially votes of confidence or votes of authority to your site, and that having good backlinks to your site is critical for search engine ranking. *

*Now, there’s a little more to the story than that.  A few years ago, Google introduced something called the “no follow” in links.  And if you go back and look at my video about links, I’ll explain how that works.  But essentially, you can put a no follow into a link and that tells search engines you can just ignore this link, don’t follow it, don’t count it as a backlink.  And they do this because it’s a way to deter spammers from building links, places where you can automatically post links like forums or blogs or wikis.  But adding a no follow, you’re deterring the value that these blog post spammers and everybody else gets by spamming of thousands of links in them. *

And so because of that, people who are building links, it might be you, it might be me, it might be others, have tentatively focused more on links that don’t have the no follow.  We call it a “do follow” link.  And we do this because we want to make sure that all of our link efforts get counted.  So we’ve gone out and built a bunch of links, focusing on links that are do follow, ignoring links that are no follow, to make sure that we get the value of our link building.

*Now, what we’ve done in doing this is we’ve created an unnatural looking profile, or unnatural sort of shape of our link spectrum where more than normal links are do follow, and we have less than normal that are no follow.  And this becomes a fingerprint to search engines that sort of gives away our activity.  They know that if 30% of links are no follow, but only 10% of our links are no follow, there’s a good chance that we are going out and doing link building to try to manipulate search engine results.  And because of that, a lack of no follow links has actually become a big negative factor, one of the biggest negative factors that hurt your rankings in search engines.  If you don’t have enough no follow links, they don’t get counted as backlinks, it shows that your link profile is unnatural and it hurts your website in rankings. *

So this is kind of a twist, something you need to think about.  You need to actually go out and include no follow links in your link building and make sure you’re including them, you’re not excluding them, and really, ultimately, my recommendation is just to try and ignore no follow/do follow; just build links in general.

Now, a few tips for building links just to make sure you’re doing things in a way that doesn’t set things off negatively.  The first one is to build links over time, do it gradually so you’re not showing any sort of spike or valley.  The second is to focus on links that humans will click on because that’s going to make sure that you get good links, good content, good relevance, as opposed to bad content, bad links, low relevance.  And the third is that if you have focused primarily on building links that are do follow to your website, you need to go back and repair some of your damage and make sure that you build some no follow links, as well.  So don’t spam blogs, don’t spam forums, but go out and, even if a link is a no follow link, don’t be afraid to build it back to your site.  Comment on blogs, participate in the web, and get those no follow links to your site so you can begin to show more of a natural-looking link profile back to your site so that you’re not going to get penalized for lack of no follow links.  This is something that’s new.  I don’t think a lot of people are paying much attention to no follow links.  You need to; it will really help you with your search engine optimization, your website traffic, and really get things working well.

That’s what I’ve got today.  I will have more on insurance agent websites tomorrow.  Thank you very much for watching.