Video 64: Reasons an Insurance Agent Should Have A Blog

April 28, 2011 . 5 minute read | Posted by akassover ContentInsurance Agent WebsitesSocial MediaToolsVideos

Need a refresher on what makes great insurance website content?


*Hi, it’s Aaron from AgentMethods talking about insurance agent websites.  Now, yesterday, I talked about why I don’t think it’s a good idea for insurance agents to have a blog.  And this is a perspective I’ve shared before, and it’s really struck some controversy.  People don’t like to hear it, and I’m sorry to be the one delivering the bad news, but I really do stand behind it.  Now, there are some exceptions.  There are some reason why insurance agents should consider blogs and why blogs would be a good idea.  But this is really focused on some specific criteria.  And it comes back to thinking about what makes great content for your website, what makes good content. *

If you go back and look at Video 34, I outlined four criteria that content must fit in order for it to be great content.  And the four criteria are:  one, it needs to be informational and educational; two is it needs to be focused on the unique value that you bring, and you have to have a perspective, you have to have a voice in your content; third is it has to be written for a specific audience.  You have to be able to name this audience, you have to be able to define them, find them, know where they are online, know where they are offline, really know who they are; and fourth is this has to be content that somebody else out there would want to share, and you need to know who that somebody else is.  You need have somebody else who’s interested enough in your content they would share it to their audience.  Those are the four criteria.  And I think that three and four really are what kill most insurance agent blog, that there isn’t a specific audience besides yourself, you can’t really name them, and there isn’t somebody else out there who cares about this content so much they’d want to share it ‑ three and four.

*Now, there are some exceptions.  There are some specific audiences that are different.  And let me talk a bit about what they are; I’ll give you some ideas about some audiences and some people that if they are who you are targeting, it might be a good idea to have a blog. *

The first one is referral sources.  Now, if you work with other professionals, these might be other insurance agents, they might be realtors, they might be accountants, they might be lawyers, but other people who are professionals that service the same customer group that you do or the same referral group that you do.  They might be interested in learning more about insurance, regular updates that could help them in their conversations with their prospects.  So referral sources are number one.

*Number two is if you sell to groups.  If you sell to small businesses as a group or the groups, group administrators, HR people, and really anyone who manages benefits for a group, they might be interested in blogs, whether it’s changes that affect groups, changes in legislation in the state you work in, maybe it’s changes to the carriers that you represent, or just kind of useful beneficial updates on maximizing benefits for your groups.  That could be somebody that would be interested in a blog. *

And the third is niche markets.  If you target a niche, you can really zero in on exactly what their interests are and really make sure your blog is focused on what they care about because you know about niche well.  And some examples might be professions, like if you sell insurance to truck drivers, you could really zero in on that niche.  Or if you work with hobbyists, like classic car owners, that could be a niche that you can blog about.  Or even specific demographics like the senior market.  There might be some reasons why you want to blog to that very focused demographic.  But it has to be a niche that is very focused, very well-known, and has a sort of unified group of interests.

So if you decide to blog, I think the key criteria is:  one, to know your audience really well, and when you know them, know what they want, know what they care about, know what they’re going share, and then really focus your blog on that.  Your blog isn’t there for you; it’s not about what you care about.  Your blog is there for your audience, for your visitors.  It’s about their interests and what they care about.  And so you need to really focus in on who they are, specifically what makes them different from the general public, and what they care enough about to share.

So think about that.  Keep it in mind.  If you need to go back and check out Video 34 again where I talk about great content because it applied to blogs just as much as anywhere, and if you think that you might have an audience that is beneficial for blogging, by all means, go for it.  But don’t just do it because everybody else is.

That’s what I’ve got today about insurance agent websites.  I will have more tomorrow.  Thank you very much for watching.