Video 67: How Search Engine Optimization Makes Your Site Better

May 3, 2011 . 5 minute read | Posted by akassover Insurance Agent WebsitesSEOVideos


Hi, it’s Aaron from AgentMethods talking about insurance websites.  And I’ve spent a lot of time talking about search engine optimization and how to drive more traffic to your website through search engine.  And I know that there are some agents out there and I’ve talked to a few of them, talked to you, who really don’t care much about search engines right now, it’s not part of your strategy, you’re not ranking well, you don’t really want to invest the time and effort, and you use your website for different needs.  And that’s fine; your website can be used in a lot of way.  But I’ve come to realize that thinking about search engines and the process of search engine optimization actually helps you have a better site and it helps you have a better site for your prospects.  And I think that it’s important, even if search engines aren’t a key factor in your traffic strategy to go through the process of search engine optimization to make sure your site is the best it can be.

*And let me tell you why; I’ll give you some specifics.  So the first thing in search engine optimization is doing keyword research.  And what this does is it forces you to figure out a set of key topics, a set of key words that your site is going to be about.  And this focuses you; it focuses you in your content writing, focuses you in your content creation to make sure you cover those topics to cover them in a way that you have a good headline, good introduction content, and good supporting points, and just makes you have good content on your site.  And I’ve seen people that don’t focus on search engines, not focusing on specific key phrases, often their content tends to be sort of wandering and meandering and maybe it gets too long or it switches topics halfway through the page when they should break things up into multiple pages.  And so do the work to figure out what keywords your site’s about and use that to guide your content strategy. *

And the second thing is onsite optimization.  And we know that things like title tags and headers are critical for search engines, but they really help your users, too.  And so, for example, a title tag.  Having good, unique title tags for every page helps you visitors do things like print out a page because the title tag will show up in the printout and they can keep track of what the page is about, it helps them do things like bookmark the page because that title tag will get put in the bookmark, and even using their back button.  If they click on their back button to see the pages they’ve been to before, those title tags will show up and so it helps them navigate the page.  So having good unique title tags is really important to helping your visitors use your website.

*Now, the third one is having human readable URLs and not having query strings or other things in your URL.  And this helps people kind of keep track of where they are in their site.  They can look at the URL and figure out what page is this, where is this on your site.  Where if you have a query string that isn’t human readable, it can get your visitors to become lost on your site. *

And then finally, I talk about having good links to the key content of your site, using your keywords throughout the content and especially on the home page.  And by doing this, you drive your visitors to focus on the most important topics and you educate them about what key phrases that they should think about when they’re thinking about your insurance agency.  So they come to your home page and they see, for example, “affordable life insurance” as a link on your home page in the content.  They’re going to start to think of you as being the place for affordable life insurance, and then make sure they go see that content, it will really make sure you guide your visitors to the right place.

And so these are all the things that you would do if you were focusing on search engines.  So my advise is if you’re not focusing on search engines as a way to get traffic, you should still think about what kinds of keywords you’re focusing on, what does your audience care about, what are they looking for to make sure you’re using that on your site.  And then also go through the process of onsite optimization to get your site buttoned down, to get it tight, to get it as usable as possible because it’s going to help your visitor’s experience and it will help you make your insurance website more successful and serving the needs of your customers and prospects.

So that’s what I’ve got today; something to think about, something to apply.  Make sure you go back and look at those videos on keyword research and optimization, put them into place; it will really help you.  I will have more on insurance agent websites tomorrow.  Thank you very much for watching.