Video 72: Maximizing Your Hard-Earned Backlinks to Your Insurance Websites

May 10, 2011 . 4 minute read | Posted by akassover Insurance Agent WebsitesLinksVideos


Hi, it’s Aaron Kassover talking about insurance websites.  Now, if you have been doing all the things that I’ve been talking about, you’re developing some good content on your website, you’ve got some good feature content, it’s keyword rich, it’s interesting, it appeals to an audience and also appeals to people who want to share it.  And so if you have this good piece of content on your site, there’s a good chance it’s starting to get some backlinks to it, other sites that are linking to that page.  So you might have a couple of pages that are generating backlinks.  And this could be other articles sites, it could be blogs, it could be – maybe it’s things that maybe you’re creating yourself where you’re going and guess blogging or you’re writing articles for articles directories with links back to your content, but generating some backlinks somewhere out on the web.

*And so now we want to take this to the next level; we want to turn it up a notch, and really make the most of these backlinks, make them count as much as possible.  And so we’re going to do a couple of things with each of the backlinks that you’ve created.  And what we’re going to do is really just kind of create links to your backlinks.  We’re going to create sort of an additional level of backlinks.  So for every backlink or every page that’s linking to your site or linking to an article on your site, what you should do are a few things.  You should first off share it on Facebook.  If you have a Facebook page for your agency or for you individually, just share the page on Facebook.  We know that search engines like to look at Facebook to see what pages they’re linking to.  And also, your customers and friends will see it. *

*The second thing is just tweet about it.  Create a Twitter account, and whenever somebody has a backlink to your site, just post a tweet on Twitter about that backlink linking back to that page.  It will also get indexed; it will also get some exposure.  And then finally, use a bookmarking service like Delicious, a social bookmarking services where you can just keep all the bookmarks of pages back to your site.  It helps you keep everything organized.  And it also increases those pages’ authority. *

Now, doing this is a couple of things.  By creating backlinks back to the pages that are backlinking back to you, you’re going to increase these pages’ authority; you’re going to give tem more authority which means they’re going to pass more link juice onto your content, and that means that they’re going to account for more, they’re going to become stronger backlinks because of this.  The second thing is that people will see it because you’re exposing this page to more people, they’re going to see that page, they’re going to see your backlink, they’re going to see your agency’s name, and then drive some more traffic back to your site.  People will come look at the backlink and they’ll click through to your page.  And now you’ve got more customers, more prospects, and more people on your site who could become customers.

And then the third, and this one I think is really important, as well, is that you’re a backlink creator, the people who are managing these pages will see your effort and they’re going to appreciate the fact that you’re out there promoting their site, that you’re returning the favor and you’re driving traffic their way.  Even though it’s self-serving, you’re promoting them in the process.  And so this is sort of one of these, not advanced technically, but advanced in terms of further along on the strategy of promoting your site and link building.  It’s something you should just make a habit of.  Whenever you get a link back to your site, post it on Facebook to share it, tweet about, maybe even a few times, and then go out and use some social bookmarking services to bookmark it.  It will pay off, it will really make sure you make the most of your link building and get you the biggest return you can for your effort.

So that’s what I’ve got today.  I will have more about insurance agent websites tomorrow.  Thanks for watching.