Video 85: Three Things Every Insurance Email Campaign Must Have

May 27, 2011 . 3 minute read | Posted by akassover EmailInsurance Agent WebsitesVideos

Hi, it’s Aaron from AgentMethods talking about insurance websites and email marketing.  And we’ve been talking a lot about kind of the stuff around email marketing, so let’s get down to just kind of the heart of the issue which is your message, your content, what you put in your content.  And from my perspective, there are really three fundamental things that every message you send out, every email marketing campaign has to have in the content.  And let me go through what those three things are.

The first is you have to have some sort of value proposition or key benefit that you’re communicating.  You need to focus really on one main point; you don’t want to have more than one because then you’re email will get too long or get too complex.  And if you really kind of think about what your customer gets out of what you’re offering, what you’re proposing to them.  And so this might be simply just to be informed or to be educated, it might be something like saving money, “We can help you save money,” it might be show your family that you care, but what is the key benefit that you’re offering them.

Now, the second one and along those lines is really what is your offer, what is your offer to them.  And this is really the kind of question of why they should get this benefit from you, why are you suited to help them with this.  Now, this is not the place to sell, this is the place to communicate.  So you’re not trying to push somebody to act, you’re just trying to kind of reinforce what you’re offering them.

And the third is you have to have a call-to-action, just like in your website.  Really just like in any marketing, you have to really kind of tell the recipient what to do to take advantage of the offer.  You need to give them instructions, you need to make it clear, you need to make it direct, you need to make it action oriented.  You’re not going to say, “Let us know if you want to learn more.”  That’s passive, it’s not clearly instructed what they should do.  Instead say, “If you want to learn more, call X today.”  Give them a number to call, give them a link to click, give them a place to go, make it urgent, make it sort of time boxed, make it really clear, make your call-to-action really clear.

So those three things—the value proposition, your offer, and your call-to-action are really three things that every good email marketing campaign needs to have in the content in order to work.

I will have more email marketing for insurance agents tomorrow.  Thank you for watching.