Video 86: Using Email To Strengthen New Customer Relationships

May 30, 2011 . 5 minute read | Posted by akassover EmailInsurance Agent WebsitesVideos

Here’s the article on onboarding in financial services that I mentioned in the video.

Hi, it’s Aaron from AgentMethods talking about email marketing and how you can use email marketing to grow your agency.  Now, one of the things you might be wondering is, especially if you’re just starting to grow a list, if you’re just sort of getting email marketing, what you should be saying in your messages, what kinds of things can you be doing to see some benefit right away.  This is especially true if you have a small list and especially for lists of people who are already your customers.  So I want to give you an idea today of how you can start doing email marketing today even if you have the smallest list or if you have list of just a couple of people and see some benefit.

So the idea here is really based on new customer relationships.  And the new customer relationship by definition is a fragile relationship, it doesn’t have a lot of history, it doesn’t have a lot of touch points, there isn’t a lot for a customer to go in terms of building a sort of long-term, lasting trust in you as an agent.  And one of the things you might see even happen is that there’s something called buyer’s remorse that salespeople talk about, which is after somebody makes a sale, they leave and the customer starts to wonder if they made the right choice.

And the second one is just sort of brand recognition that you want to make sure that not only do you make this sale, but your marketing is received, it’s opened, it’s listened to, and that you have the opportunity to sell to this customer in the future by developing sort of a brand relationship.

And so I like to use email marketing as a way to strengthen these new relationships, to build on a new relationship, and to overcome this issue of buyer’s remorse by systematically reassuring your customer, and in the process, developing brand recognition so that they’re open to your marketing, they’re open to your messages, and they will buy from you in the future.  And the way that I do this is by creating a welcome email or a welcome strategy where once a new customer signs up, once they become a new customer, they receive a series of emails to sort of essentially onboard them or onramp them in the process of becoming a customer, to get them familiar with you, get them familiar with what you have to offer, and to sort of just to reaffirm the choice they’ve made.

And so some potential tips of some emails you could send, just sort of thinking about welcoming a new customer.  You could send them an email about tips for getting the most out of your new policy, maybe some instructions on how take advantage of a policy; resources for learning more, you could send them an email “More ways to save money on your insurance.”  You can send them something like a quick reference sheet that might have important contacts, important phone numbers, important addresses, something they can just sort of save in case they need to ever use the policy in the future.  So these are things that could go out maybe over time over a couple of weeks to a new customer just to kind of show that you’re not just there for the sale, but even after the sale you value their relationship, you’re there to help, and that you’re a really trusted resource.

Now, this has been proven to work in other industries, and I’ll link to a study that I read where in banking they’ve seen that every single customer, touch point they make to a new customer over the first 60 days up to seven touch points improved customer satisfaction and improved future sales, every single one up to seven.  Of course, there is a limit.  So if you’re thinking about how to get started with email marketing, start with simply building an onramp strategy for new customers because this way, as you get new emails, as you get in your relationships, you can send out these campaigns, you can make the most of these relationships, and you can sort of open the door for future marketing to them by building a trusting relationship where they recognize your brand, they open your emails, and they’re willing to buy from you in the future.

So there’s an idea, give it a try.  Like I said before, it’s been proven to work in other industries and I think it works in insurance, too.  So that’s what I’ve got today.  I will have more, of course, tomorrow.  Thanks for watching.