Video 40: Improving Your Insurance Website Is Like Going to The Gym – 3 Ways to See Steady Improvements

March 25, 2011 . 7 minute read | Posted by akassover BusinessInsurance Agent WebsitesVideos


Hi, it’s Aaron Kassover from AgentMethods talking about insurance websites, and today marks the 40th video that I’ve done.  This is two months in now; hard to believe I’ve made it this far.  We’ve covered a lot of territory in the past two months.  And I wanted to just sort of stop today and just again say thank you.  I really appreciate your joining me for this, watching these videos.  I appreciate your comments, your interactions, phone calls, emails.  It really is fantastic and means a lot to me to know that you’re finding some value out of this; that I’m able to hopefully help you a little bit, and that you’re along for the journey.  So thank you, thank you very much.

*And I was thinking last night about these videos and about the past two months, and I realized that in a sense, this sort of incremental improvement to your website, it’s a lot like going to the gym.  And I was thinking about my own experiences where last fall I had previously been going to the local gym, just kind of going and doing some kind of workout.  And I started going to a crossfit gym.  If you haven’t heard about crossfit, it’s sort of this somewhat crazy, open source workout program.  It was started really just by a website where people started posting workouts and comments and started sharing from each other.  And you can go to a crossfit gym, but you can also go to just and you can get the workout everyday yourself.  You can watch videos on how to do the workouts, you can post videos of yourself, people can comment and sort of help you improve.  And so for me, previously I was going to the gym alone, just sort of going and fighting it, and doing what I knew how to do.  And now with crossfit, I’m noticing a few differences.  And let me tell you what these are and how they apply to you and your insurance website. *

Now, the first one is that somebody else is programming the workout for me.  I’m not just doing what I know how to do, what I’m comfortable doing, but there’s somebody else sort of challenging me and making me do the things that maybe I don’t want to do some days.  And that actually really helps because there’s a lot of things that I – I don’t like to run, and so I would never run, ever.  But they tell me to run and I have to.  Same thing with websites.  Maybe you don’t like to build links, but you have to.  Maybe you don’t like to write the content, but you have to.

The second one is that I do it in a group, so I go every afternoon and there’s a group of about 12 of us who are there.  And I can’t tell you how motivating it is to look at the other people that have become my friends, and see them just really giving it their all.  And they might be super fit, they might be just starting out, they might be younger, older, but to look across the room and see somebody else just really pushing themselves makes me ask, “Why am I not doing this, too?  Why can’t I push myself?”  And so doing it in a group is a huge motivator to really reach the next level.

And the third is that we track our results.  Everyday, even though it doesn’t really mean that much, we record what we did, we write it down, and we keep a log book of how we’re improving.

*And so bringing this back to us and insurance websites, we’re doing the exact same thing here.  So with these videos, I’m doing the programming for you, I’m giving you one thing a day to think about to do, it might be something you already know, in fact that’s a good chance you already know it, but we’re just setting aside some time saying today is about writing content, today is about improving your calls to action.  And if you’ve done each of these videos, if you’ve done each of the 40 things up till today, just think about how far you’ve come.  It’s a lot, it’s a long ways. *

And the second is that you might not know it, but you are part of a group.  There are a bunch of agents just like you who watch these videos.  They’re making progress, they’re improving their site.  Now, there are some of you who are regular commenters and I love that, that’s great, thank you.  But there are others that I know who are there as well who don’t comment on the blog but I talk to you maybe on the phone or through email, or I just know you’re there because I see the stats.  And thank you all; it’s great that you’re here.  Jump in and say hi some time.  If you have a question or comment and participate, not just for yourself, but to let your peers know that they’re not alone also.  We’re here as a group.

*And the third is track your results.  Now, if you haven’t done this already, make sure you’ve installed Google Analytics, and I’ll do a video in the near future on what Google Analytics does and kind of show you some of the things, some of the benefits about it.  But make sure you install it so you can just make – see some data on your progress.  Now, results aren’t going to happen overnight.  You’re not going to see you install Google Analytics and then one day, BANG, everything – you know, traffic shows up, leads explode.  They’re going to take time; it’s going to happen slowly.  And what Analytics give you is not so much a record of your success, but feedback on where you need to adjust, what are your strengths, what are your weaknesses, how do you need to tweak your efforts to really get to your goals. *

*So those are the three things.  I’m here kind of helping you out, programming our workout, so to speak.  We’re in this together; we’re part of a group.  And track your results.  Again, thank you very much.  It’s fantastic that you’re joining me in this adventure.  I am glad you’re here.  And I will have more tomorrow. *

Now, just a quick side about my goal – this is day 40 – my goal is to go 100 days.  And so I’m going to see if I can make it to 100 days coming up with a new valuable piece of content every day.  After that, I am sort of brainstorming maybe some different formats, some other things I could do.  So we’re in at least this far.  I’ve now publically stated it, so I’m committed 100 days, and then we’ll go from there.  Thank you very much for watching.  I’ll see you tomorrow.