Video 34: Make Insurance Prospects Happy with Great Content

March 17, 2011 . 7 minute read | Posted by akassover ContentLeadsTrafficTrainingVideos


Hi, it’s Aaron Kassover from AgentMethods talking about insurance websites.  Yesterday, I talked a bit about just ignoring search engines for a while; just ignoring them.  Actually, if you focus on people, the search engines will bring them to you.  The reason why is that people want to find the best information, and search engines want to make people happy, and so if you provide the best information for people, search engines will prioritize your site.

*Let’s just sort of focus on information and content, and talk about what really makes some great content and some things you can do to improve the content on your site and really make your visitors happy and attract some new people to your site.  So we’ve been talking about this fact that your site just has to have great content, some great feature content.  Now filler content is okay; you can have just sort of some extra content to kind of fill out the gaps, you can have duplicate content, you can have lots of pages that really aren’t your main feature, but your site has to have some feature content.  If it doesn’t have any, it has to have at least three pages of just really fantastic, really great, unique content that are on your site that really count as the feature or the crown jewels of your site.  You have to do this.  You can link these to your home page and really just kind of promote them as kind of the real heart or value of your site. *

Now, we talk about great content, feature content, and let’s just sort of talk about what it is on an insurance site.  The first thing is that it has to be informative and educational.  This has to be something that is going to teach somebody a bit more information than they already know; it’s going to answer some questions they have.  The second is that it has to be focused on the unique value that you bring.  So this is, maybe it’s unique to the market you serve, maybe it’s unique to the products that you serve, or the state that you’re in, the community that you focus on, or just kind of why somebody should buy from you.  What’s the unique value that you bring, and the content has to really reflect that.

*The third is that it has to be written for a specific and focused audience.  You need to know who the reader is, who’s going to read this content and why do they want to read it.  Really even the best thing that you can do is go out and talk to them and ask them what they want to know to really make sure you are scratching their itch; you are meeting their needs. *

The fourth one, which is often forgotten, but is really critical, is that this content has to be something that somebody else wants to share.  You need to actually know who they are.  This has to be a piece of content that you know somebody who will want to pass this on.  So some tricks to this might be maybe it’s a piece of content that answers a question a financial planner gets asked often, or a realtor, or some other type of professional like that, but you need to identify who is going to share this content, why, and then really if you can, know their name and have talked to them about it.

*So a few tips about this.  The first one is to start backwards.  Just start these four things about future content backwards.  Focus first on who’s going to share it.  Go out and find some people that are talking to the same prospects as you, that are educating them maybe on a related topic, and start to ask them, “What questions do you get asked about insurance?  What could I help you with?”  Listen to them, and they’ll tell you what they need to have answered.  A great feature correlated to that is that you can later follow up with them and say, “Hey, remember last week you asked me you wanted more information on XYZ, well I just put a page on my site exactly about that.  I’m going to send you the link, maybe you can share this with your contacts or customers; it just fits in so well.”  So work backwards. *

Second is focusing on your audience.  Who is your audience?  What do they want to know?  Third is what’s your unique value?  Then finally put all that together in this informative and educational piece of content.  So work backwards.

Second tip is to make your content scannable.  What I mean by this is to break it up with headlines, maybe each pointer, each paragraph, you put a bullet or a headline.  Put it in bold so somebody can just scan the content, see those headlines, and kind of figure out what it’s about, and really zero in on what they want.  Because the honest truth is that people will probably scan things to see if it addresses their needs before they go in and read it in more depth.

Third tip is that lists, bullet point lists, numbered lists are great.  They are easy to write.  They are easy to read.  People like to consume them.  You see them all over the web just for this reason.  It might be “six reasons why blank” or “the top 10 things about “ or “four things you didn’t know about.”  These lists are just fantastic.  You can write the things and then fill in the details.  I use this all the time.  It’s a good strategy.

The fourth is to link to this from your home page.  So when you put this content out, link to it from your home page, and then also mention it in your email signature.  This needs to be something that is, because it’s a feature content, it is home page link worthy.  It is email link worthy.  You can imagine in your email signature, “Learn more about blank” or “Ever want to know why blank is different than blank?”

So those are some tips.  Those are some ideas about feature content.  If you don’t have three, at least three really great pieces of content on your website yet, go out today and create the first one.  Do the second one tomorrow.  Do the third one at the end of the week.  You have to have them because that’s what people want to find and that’s what going to end up getting you referred and getting you found on search engines.

*So do the work.  If you have any questions, if you’re kind of struggling with what is a great piece of content for your site, for your market, drop me an email and we’ll get on the phone and talk and I’ll see if I can help you out.  I have a lot of ideas; some are good and some are bad, but maybe together we can put our heads together and we can figure this out. *

Finally, let me know what other questions you want to have answered.  I have a lot of topics that I’m sort of picking out of the random of the air, but I want to make sure I’m really getting to the things you’re interested in.  So if there’s a question you want answered or if there’s a topic you want to see me cover, just write it in the comments or send me an email.

That’s what I have for today.  Thank you very much for watching.  I’ll have more tomorrow.