Why are inbound links so important to my insurance agent website?

August 4, 2009 . 2 minute read | Posted by akassover linksseotraffic

A site, especially a new insurance agent website, needs quality, relevant links for two simple reasons.

  1. They help customers find you on the web via other websites and/or blogs.
  2. The more links you have, the higher search engines rate your web pages.

One of the most important factors determining how search engines rank your web pages is the number of relevant, quality websites and blogs that link to your site. Search engines like inbound links for three reasons:

  1. Inbound links help search engines identify the nature of your business. Doing things like making sure you are listed in online business directories (even online phone books) and associations will help potential customers find your insurance site.
  2. Inbound link points to your insurance website and help search engines find your web pages. Since search engines have billions of web pages to index you need to give them as many opportunities as possible to find and revisit your website.
  3. Search engines treat inbound links as favorable references for your website. If other website and blog owners think your website is worth linking to, then search engines assume you must be offering useful information. Think of it as a popularity contest β€” the more links the better!

Remember, you shouldn’t just depend on search engines because it can take several months or longer for the search engines to index and favorably assess your insurance website.