Client story / Kingsolver Insurance Agency

AgentMethods Leads the Kingsolver Insurance Agency into the Future


To say Brian Kingsolver is an ambitious man would be an understatement. His journey to build a business from the ground up began during the Great Recession. A difficult time for any business owner, let alone a startup insurance agency in Southwest Iowa. 

As a twenty-something rookie agent, grit and determination allowed Brian to steadily grow his book of business. His relentless effort has resulted in two successful offices proudly serving clients in six states across the Midwest. 

But he’s not done yet.

Technologies change the Future

Brian knows technology will change nearly every aspect of how insurance agents transact business in the years to come. So, when the time came to find a partner to help improve and manage his agency’s website, he needed to find a company that shared his vision of the future. "A Medicare broker introduced me to AgentMethods."

When I spoke with the AgentMethods team, I quickly learned they were extremely tech savvy, which was to be expected .But, what surprised me the most was how incredibly detailed they were as to what the future holds for agencies like mine.

Brian was confident he had found his website partner and signed on. Within two days of committing to AgentMethods, his website was ready. Having selected the Super Agent Plan, he was really interested in the search engine optimized content and the available email campaigns. 

Increased Credibility

The agency’s website is generating traffic which is helping to drive organic online growth estimated to account for $10k of new revenue. Visitors to the website have told Brian they appreciate the clean and crisp look and all the available educational tools. The information provided has also proved to help prospects make sound decisions. 

I’ve been with AgentMethods for about a year and the results have been great. With my old website I was getting between 100 to 200 hits per month. With the new website, I am consistently seeing anywhere from 600 hits to over 1,000 every single month.

“I recently picked up a $75,000 annuity client solely because of the information on my AgentMethods website.” 

Increased Efficiency

But what also has Brian really excited is how AgentMethods is helping his agency move closer to becoming a completely paperless agency. 

“I will be 85% paperless in 2020. Part of my transition away from paper has been to move all my mid-year reviews to AgentMethods. What used to take three months now takes two weeks and saves my agency at least 400 hours a year in labor cost. And I am probably saving another $2,500 a year in paper, ink, and postage. It’s remarkable.”

AgentMethods is helping lead the Kingsolver Agency into the future. The young demographic the company targets means having a professional website today is a must. 

In fact, Brian has become so confident in his updated online presence with AgentMethods, that he no longer carries business cards. Instead, he simply refers everyone to his website and lets it do the heavy lifting. 

As technology advances, so too will the opportunity for agents to service clients remotely from anywhere in the country. As more of Brian’s clients and prospects prefer electronic communication over in-person meetings, he says he’ll be ready. 

One day, all insurance agents might work virtually wearing cargo shorts and flip-flops!