Promoting your insurance website

Promoting your insurance website

For a website to have value people need to be able to find it. However, showing up and optimizing your site for search engines takes time. Many factors come into play for a site to be indexed, and it may take 4 to 24 weeks for a site to start showing up in Google’s index. If you give it time, it will appear and you will get traffic to your site.

Here are some hints to help improve your site’s search ranking and traffic:

  • Give your site a domain. Putting your site at its own domain gives it a unique identity. This helps people remember and find your site. You can set up a domain for your AgentMethods site on the account tab.
  • Get people to link to your site. Search engines look at links from other sites as “votes of confidence”. Start by contacting people you do business with and asking them to link to your site.
  • Update your page titles to include words you think people will use when searching for you. When thinking about search words be specific to the type of insurance and the location people are searching.
  • Add content to your site. Search engines rank new and unique content higher. By creating your own content, you’ll improve your search engine ranking. Also, update the content frequently. Then, email people about the new content so they have a reason to return to your site.
  • Promote your site. Put it on your business cards, letter head, direct mail, and email signature. People will look at it and share it. A professional, working site helps establish trust with your prospects, making them more likely to buy from you.

Don’t forget to include your email address on leave-behinds such as pens, calendars, notepads, etc.

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