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You know your insurance business won’t grow without marketing.

But what if you really, really hate spending time on marketing?

Maybe you force yourself to fire up Constant Contact once in a while and “email blast” your customers, just to remind them you exist. Maybe you post on LinkedIn every now and then.

You’re doing the right stuff. But you don’t have the time or (let’s be honest) energy to do more of it.

Let’s turn up the volume on your marketing results — without adding more to your already packed to-do list.

Presenting AMPlify: the Marketing Automation Platform just for insurance agents.

Thoughtfully built by insurance marketing experts for insurance agents like you, AMPlify is a fully automated marketing-library-meets-client-engagement-platform that helps you reach a wider audience AND keep your raving fans around for longer.

We’ve combined professionally written content + smart posting software to create the most effective — yet still hands-off — insurance marketing.

With AMPlify, you can send useful, relevant content to your existing customers. You can attract and nurture new customers. You can increase referrals and policy renewals.

And you can do it all without actually doing it.

AMPlify is the marketing outreach you know you should be doing, done for you.

We created AMPlify from the ground up to help independent insurance agents grow sales, retain happy clients, and increase referrals.

Unlike other “marketing automation” tools where you still have to piece together, test, and troubleshoot your own automations, you don’t have to configure, customize, build, or even write anything to get results from AMPlify.

Just turn it on. Then forget about it. (Seriously: go ahead and take a nap. AMPlify really does work while you sleep.)

It keeps working for you in the background: strengthening your customer relationships by adding real value, finding new opportunities, and scheduling sales appointments.

AMPlify is so smart, it’ll feel like you hired a marketing expert. But with plans starting at just $299/mo, it’s way cheaper than paying a salary. (Plus, software never calls in sick.)

Real AMPlify results from agents like you

For one agent during Medicare enrollment

For another agent, the very first week they started using AMPlify

For an agent who began offering critical illness insurance


Sell relevant products to your existing customers with automated cross-marketing campaigns

Wish your current customers would tune into other products you offer?

Tell them with Cross-Marketing Campaigns! AMPlify sends out 2 campaigns every month sharing relevant products with your customers. AMPlify automatically segments your customers, picks the appropriate email content, and sends your emails for you.

Hello, The Future? It’s us, AgentMethods.

All you have to do? Take 2 minutes to pick the insurance types you want to promote. That’s it!
  1. You choose which customers to talk to (for example, Medicare Advantage policyholders)

  2. Tell us which products you want to promote (for example, dental and vision insurance)

  3. You’re done! AMPlify creates your email campaigns, sets up landing pages to book new appointments, and schedules your emails to go out.

Just a few examples of Cross-Marketing Campaigns AMPlify will automatically send for you:


Sell end-of-life insurance to life insurance policyholders


Sell auto insurance to renter's insurance clients


Sell critical illness insurance to Medicare Supplement customers


Educate health insurance customer on Long Term Care insurance


Offer dental and vision plans to Medicare customers

Keep in touch with monthly email newsletters

Hit the right notes at the right time! With AMPlify email newsletters, you can make sure your clients hear from you every month in a positive, engaging, and educational way — no writing necessary.

AMPlify auto-generates your monthly newsletter from your latest blogs and social media posts, effortlessly keeping you top-of-mind with your policyholders and potential customers.

Like the best songs, your emails will be unforgettable… and so will you! Without pulling a single string yourself, you’ll increase client retention, referrals, and cross-product sales.


Publish well-written, educational blog posts to your website every week

Don’t like writing? Don’t do it.

AMPlify publishes relevant, informative blog posts to your website 4x a month.

Just pick from a list of relevant topics, and AMPlify takes care of the rest.

Your blog posts will attract new prospects, build trust through education, and help retain your existing clients.


Win new leads and clients from social media

AMPlify posts daily on your Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter pages — and you don’t need to worry about stale, salesy, or spammy updates.

Instead, you’ll be sharing educational content that starts conversations, sparks questions, and shows both your current and potential customers that you’re here to help.

Let leads & customers schedule appointments online

“If AMPlify works as well as you say, how am I going to handle all this demand?”

We thought you might ask that. ;)

AMPlify’s online scheduling integrates directly with all major calendars, including Google, Outlook, iCal, Office 365, and Exchange.

Now your prospects and clients can set up appointments directly from your site. No phone calls or emails necessary.

We’ll even get customers to pre-sign their Medicare Scope of Appointment form, so you don’t have to worry about it on the call.

And because AMPlify takes your existing schedule into account, you’ll never be double-booked.

Marketing automation that reaches out to generate more sales meetings

Did we mention AMPlify can also proactively reach out, educate your insurance customers, and invite them to set meetings with you?

Choose from pre-built invitation sequences, including:
  • Medicare AEP information emails

  • Healthcare Open Enrollment emails

  • “Turning 65, Welcome to Medicare” emails

  • New lead welcome emails

You can even create your own custom campaigns to generate more bookings — without hiring any extra help during enrollment periods.

BEFORE AMPlify Scheduler
BEFORE AMPlify Scheduler
  • Hire help during enrollment periods

  • Train your new hire

  • Call hundreds of customers (sometimes more than once!)

  • Endless emails back and forth

AFTER AMPlify Scheduler
AFTER AMPlify Scheduler
  • Turn on your pre-built invitation sequence

  • Watch your sales meetings appear on your calendar

Ready to turn up the volume on your insurance
sales, referrals, and renewals?

Sell more & serve your customers
in less time than it takes to get the Led out

Integrate with your AMS and CRM

Customer relationships are everything in this business. Naturally, AMPlify’s two-way sync keeps your lists organized and up-to-date.

New leads are automatically sent to your CRM. And every customer interaction with your AMPlify marketing —from social media clicks to emails opened to visits to your website — gets logged.

So when your customers come calling, you’ll know exactly why.


Always know what’s happening with your one-stop Activity Dashboard

See every recently published post, email, and marketing activity right inside your AMPlify Activity Dashboard.

You’ll also find a list of recently active contacts here. Click into individual profiles to discover exactly which marketing efforts any customer has received and interacted with — so you can decide how to follow up.

If you’re ever feeling a little lost, your Activity Dashboard will point you in the direction of your next most valuable marketing move.

AgentMethods helps you build strong customer relationships without getting bogged down in complicated marketing tools

On average, AgentMethods customers:

Spend 47% less time on marketing each month

Get 60% more referrals

Have 78% more customers buying multiple policies

Want results like this?
Let’s AMPlify your business