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Writing for your insurance website is really not that much different than writing for print. But you have to remember that since it can be more difficult to read on-screen, you have to take special care to make it easier on your readers. Consider how your content is layed out to make sure your prospects are able to read it easy.

Built trust with your visitors and persuade them to take action by filling your site with well-written content and clear information.

Here are some tips for writing insurance agency website content that appeals to both online prospects and the major search engines:

Think like a consumer: Because we work with insurance products every day, it's easy to forget that many of the concepts and terms used in the industry may be new or unclear to your prospects. Think about ways to explain things without using jargon or industry specific terms.

Answer the top questions: What are the questions you get asked by customers over and over when prespenting insurance products to them? Keep note of those questions, and then use this as a guide for the content on your website.

Write headlines using keywords: A good headline uses keywords and is descriptive. It should tell what the article is about.

Keep it simple: Remember, it can be difficult for some people to read a screen, so keep the content simple, with easy to follow sentences. Also, don’t overwrite. Keep your articles to between 250 and 400 words.

Write for your audience: Insurance can be a very dry topic. Make sure the copy always speaks to the visitor's interest. Remember, people are interested in "what's in it for me."

Write for your prospects: It's tempting to write content to appeal to search engines. Keep in mind, if you write valuable and useful content for your prospects, then search engines will also like it.

Watch out for typos: It’s easy to miss a misspelled word. That’s why it’s important to have someone else look at what you write. Also, a misspelled word not only looks bad, but confuses the search engine.