New Feature - You can now automatically post to Facebook Business pages

November 22, 2014 . 2 minute read | Posted by AgentMethods social-media

If you have a blog added to your AgentMethods insurance website, you can automatically share new blog posts out to your social media accounts. We've recently enhanced this feature so it can now post out to Facebook pages as well as personal pages. If you want posts to get shared out to your agency's Facebook page, this feature is for you.

Setting it up is easy

To connect your blog to your social media accounts, first visit the Site Settings Page. Once there, scroll down to the "Blog Sharing" section at the bottom of the page.

If you've already connected Facebook, you need to reset the connection. To do this, unselect Facebook by clicking to remove the blue box from around the Facebook icon, and the saving your site settings.

Now, you can authorize AgentMethods to send new blog postings to your feed. To do this, click on the Facebook logo. This will open a Facebook prompt where you may enter your Facebook password and authorize the connection. After that, you will return to the AgentMethods site settings page.

If you want to share to a Facebook page, select the check box next to "Also share blog to Facebook pages you are managing?". This will show a list of pages you manage, allowing you to select the pages you want to post to.

Make sure you save your changes after selecting the page to share to.

Want to share to a Facebook page and not a personal page?

If you want to share to your Facebook page but not your personal page, simply check the box next to "Exclude personal page (only share on selected pages above)" and then save the page settings. This will exlude posting new blog entries to your personal page and will only post them to the business pages you select.

Lots more social media automation is coming!

We believe that social media is a tremendously powerful way to grow your insurance sales. We're actively preparing several new features to enhance your AgentMethods insurance website to take advantage of social media. Stay tuned!